Maria Keenan

A Highly Creative Event Round-Up

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. - Scott Adams

This week on Tito, I wanted to dig into some of the events that our customers curate that focus on showcasing creativity in different forms.

By definition, entrepreneurs have to do something new every time and, to show how those efforts manifest, here are three shining examples:

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Maria Keenan

Christmas Event Round-Up - Too Soon?

I was buying food for dinner yesterday when I saw a Jack-o'-lantern helium balloon stuck to the shop ceiling, over a Christmas tree.

It takes a few months at least to prepare an event. For example, someone might start planning an event for Valentine's Day around November.

And, even though I'm feeling cynical writing this and drinking out of a coffee cup adorned with presents and stupid looking, caffeinated elves in November, some of our wonderful customers have started in earnest on their Christmas events, and I felt implored to show them to you.

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Maria Keenan

The Importance of Well-Designed Events

 But different doesn't necessarily mean better. Being different is more memorable, but you need to be positively remembered for standing out from the crowd.  - H. von Restorff

If we hear a piece of information, three days later we'll remember 10% of it. If there's a picture associated with it, we'll remember 65%.

I'm not individual in having an appreciation for nice-looking things. Nor am I special for wanting to know about the different ways that the things we see affect us, so I thought this conversation would be of interest.

I spoke with Dan Porter, co-founder of Scriberia, after I saw their animation in commemoration of the 1916 Rising.

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Paul Campbell

Do You Want to Build a Webapp?

In 2015, I wrote a blog post for AWS Startups about how we use a multi-az setup on Amazon to build in redundancy for every component in the Tito stack.

Two and a half years later, our infrastructure reliability has an excellent track-record. We even have a team of three in sales and marketing. There’s still one place where we need more hands: our engineering team.

In an effort to improve our bus factor, we’re looking for a developer and a designer to join our small team.

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Maria Keenan

There's No Such Thing As a Free Event Round-Up

I always thought the phrase "there's no such thing as a free lunch" came off as unappreciative.

I understand the sentiment that you'll always have to give to get, but I also understand that sometimes I'd be happier if I just took a step back and appreciated the sandwich.

This week, I wanted to share some of the quality events that our customers are facilitating that, without compromise, are free.

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Maria Keenan

The Business Case for Diversity & How One Conference is Making it Happen

From All Male Panels to the now infamous Google Memo to speakers boycotting events, diversity has come to the fore of the minds of those in business and events more and more in the recent past. 
And someone had to fix it. 

In the third-largest city of Finland, Tampere, a small group of 150 international representatives came together to talk about how they could improve the English-speaking business opportunities in the area in 2014.

In 2015, that quickly scaled to 800 attendees and this year it promises to be even larger.

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