Maria Keenan

St. Patrick's Day in Ireland: Your Questions Answered

There are two types of people on St. Patrick's Day in Ireland:

Those who embrace it.

And those who fear it.

As an Irish company, I thought we ought to personally embrace the day by answering some frequently asked questions about Ireland. The first one that came up, unsurprisingly, was "How Ireland celebrates St. Patrick's Day", which we've covered (succinctly) above.

For more, we checked on Answer the Public to see what some of the most Googled questions and terms about Ireland were to share some light on the topics:

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Maria Keenan

Web Design Events - A Round-Up

Whether you learned how to generate a banner for your personal blog in GIMP in 2007 or you're trying to develop your start-up's first landing page, or your journal is full of HTML tags, web design events are a wonderful opportunity to learn from beginners and experts alike.

We're lucky enough to have a designer as one of our co-founders, so web design events have been top-of-mind for Tito since day one

Even more luckily, we get to work with the people who organise them every day and continue to learn from the innovative ways that they not only make their events stand out from the crowd, but from the new approaches and processes that get showcased at their conferences. 

Below, you'll find three upcoming web design events that have caught our eye:

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Annie Lowney

New Innovations for Presentations: Tips from Prezi

We’ve all sat through tedious presentations. You know the ones. With slides in font 8 squeezed in for dear life?

Then there are the frightened, monotone presenters that unite with you in willing time to pass quickly so that you all can start on the snacks.

We have all given presentations. If you haven’t yet, you will. It’s inevitable. Not many people look forward to that experience. It’s kind of like conscription for the business world if you will; you have to do it or you could get in serious trouble. 

Csaba Faix is EMEA Communications lead for Prezi, “the innovative presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life and make you a great presenter.” In a recent chat, he shared with us the science behind giving a great presentation:

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Annie, Dearbhla & Maria

From the Women of Tito, on International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day!

In an extra blog post this week, the three women of Tito wanted to share some reflections on their career experiences to date, and the impact gender has held for them.


I’ve been very lucky in my career to have had three female bosses that mentored me. They confided their professional struggles in me too… primarily around salary and value. I studied how they argued (with reams of paperwork) that they deserved a raise. They had to prove it by working to the point of mental and physical exhaustion which was difficult to watch. Then, if they had a family, they were judged for the long hours away from them that came with that. In contrast, their male peers sailed through promotions and were not in any way judged for being away from their family. It’s pathetic really.

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Maria Keenan

Innovative Tech For Events And How One Company Made a Business of It

It’s easy to resist change sometimes. For so long I rolled my eyes when I thought of interactive technologies.

Because a lot of them seemed to come on the scene at the same time, I assumed that companies were riding a wave of gimmicks and hot young things to make a quick buck.

That said, I’ve always found that the easiest way to get rid of a bias is to humanise what you’ve made your assumption about. I spoke with Margot from Gramercy Tech. Since 2003, the business has built itself on being ahead of the curve when it comes to their service offerings.

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Maria Keenan

Events About Innovation (Or Why We Can Have Nice Things)

We're snowed in at the moment. 

I for one am glad that the majority of people in Ireland have seen sense, Paul and Doc included, and let their employees either work from home or take the day off. 

But anyone will tell you that our entire country grinds to a halt when the snow gets higher than a ladybird. While it's better that we're safe, our wanting when it comes to infrastructure to keep people safe can be a headscratcher at times. 

The nice thing is that, more generally, whenever a seemingly impermeable obstacle shows up, an innovator comes to dethrone it. Even if that might take a little longer in some cases. And that thought at least keeps cabin fever at bay. 

Writing to you from inside a cosy house, thanking my stars for the inventor of central heating, I wanted to show you some of the modern creators we're so fortunate to have as customers, and the events about innovation that they're producing in the near future:

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