Maria Keenan

A Very Irish Event Round Up

I went to Poland last week and discovered that they really like cabbage and building chandeliers out of salt.

Unfortunately, on the first day of my trip, the rich cultural legacy of the eastern European city I visited was reduced, in my view, to a few pierogi.

This was a result of my travel fatigue making me act like a grumpus, but it made me think about how I would want my homeland to come across to those planning to or thinking about visiting it.

With that, I wanted to share a uniquely Irish event round up to show that there's more to my own people than eating raw potatoes after six pints*:

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Maria Keenan

The Three Birds of Ticket Sales - Event Round-Up

We at Tito are in the business of helping events sell tickets. If you’ve ever been at an event (which surely you must have) you’ll know that those that put them together are infinitely creative.

That creativity doesn’t stop at the venues they arrange or the speakers they click with. The devil is in the details, and the organizers we work with have managed to put different types of tickets to the successful test:

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Maria Keenan

5 Organizations that Sponsor Design Events

Sales was a big part of my life for quite some time. The biggest draw for me was the ability to learn how people made decisions and how those decisions are influenced.

Next to selling tickets, sponsorship is the other part of organizing that requires us to convince someone of our event's value.

For this article, I wanted to identify who the big players are in event sponsorship and how they choose who to work with.

Of course, that would have been borderline impossible if I’d tried to find the biggest players for every type of event ever, so I decided to limit my search.

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Annie Lowney

Is Your Event Safe?

Mark Breen, co-founder of Cuckoo Events & Safe Events, wants you to be honest with yourself about the safety of your attendees.

The concepts of safety and caring are intrinsically intertwined. Mark Breen, pictured below, has always embodied those ideas.

As a young man he was a competitive swimmer and then went on to become a lifeguard, he also cared for his sister who has special needs. Essentially he’s a natural protector. 

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