Maria Keenan

How to Run Ticket Promotions Using Tito (And the Best Kinds to Use)

In an ideal world selling tickets is a very simple process. Decide a price, put the tickets on sale, and watch as hundreds of people buy them.

Sure, that happens some (some) times, but more often than not, there's a lot more careful consideration that goes into making that process seamless and successful.

Today, I'm going to share some of the different options you have when it comes to discounting, promoting, and ultimately selling tickets. I'll show you how to set them up in Tito, too. ðŸŽ«

The types of tickets we'll talk about here all come recommended from Tito customers as some of their best-sellers and most effective tactics they've used when building their audiences. (More on that later.)

There are four main ticket types we'll talk about that came up time and again in some conversations we recently had with our customers:

  1. Early Bird Tickets
  2. General Discount Tickets
  3. Group Tickets
  4. Individual Discount Code Tickets

Given the popularity of these tactics, we thought it'd be helpful to go through why they work, and how to set them up for yourself. So, without any further ado, let's get into it.

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Maria Keenan

2019 JavaScript Conferences: 9 Top-Quality Options

With JavaScript, you can build memory games, dynamic data visualisations, and explosions, to name but a few use cases. 

A lot of these are the brain children of people with the urge to explore the quirky and quaint aspects of the language and its frameworks. Sometimes, though, people come together to talk shop about these applications. Namely, at JavaScript Conferences.

Events around the subject take place all over the world at different times of the year, and it seems like there are new installments to keep track of all the time. To help you get to know just some of these happenings in more depth. We've put together this resource: 

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Annie Lowney

This Workshop Will Change Your (Event) Life

Last month we hosted a workshop called "Become a Tito Power User". Vicky, our CX Lead, shared her expertise on all things Tito.

This was a test event to see if there is interest out there for something like this. The short story is that there is, but the format needs revision.

Live events for a product are tricky to pull off. You need a engaged community that is willing and able to travel. You also need to be consistently releasing new features.

From my experience working in tech, webinars are a great format to show customers what your product can do. They take the stress of travel out of the equation and, from the organiser's point of view, the overheads are considerably lower.

I'm all for live events. You can't beat the spontaneity of conversation and connection however, when it comes to learning about a product, I believe that most people like to do it in their own time, at their own pace.

Webinars allow them to pause and replay. They also allow the organiser to discover what parts of the product are more attractive to customers, and what parts of the product need to be explained more. All that said, if you are interested in future product webinars you can let us know at the end of this post.

Going back to the event at hand though, here is a summary of everything that Vicky covered at the Tito workshop:

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Maria Keenan

12 of the Best Event Sponsorship Proposal Examples to Inspire Yours

According to EventMB, finding sponsors is the second biggest logistical challenge when it comes to organising events. 

Providing useful information as a magnet for potential sponsors is one approach through which many conferences have found success.  However, deciding what kind of information to include in a sponsorship proposal, and how to design it so that it's clear and appealing to your potential partners is a challenge onto itself. 

As such, we've scoured hundreds of conference websites to show you some best-in-class sponsorship prospectuses to help inspire your set up and hopefully help you boost the number of sponsorship requests you get. 

Here's a quick index of the conferences whose sponsorship proposals we'll be chatting about:

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Maria Keenan

30 Different Productivity Tools Over 30 Days (With My Honest Opinions) | Week 4

For parts one, two, and three of this productivity tools list and their corresponding reviews, please see here, here, and here.

If this is your first look into this list, I took on this 30 day challenge to try 30 different productivity tools in the hope of sharing the ones that were useful (and not so useful) for the event organisers that read this blog and, if that includes you, I hope it's helpful. Today, I'll be sharing the last week (and a bit) of the experiment. 

Here's the full list:

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