Annie, Maria & Vicky

There are 3 Inspirational Women We Need to Tell You About

Whenever you are blue or lonely or stricken by some humiliating thing you did, the cure and the hope is in caring about other people.

- Diane Sawyer

Today, we wanted to share some remarkable stories with you. Specifically, we want to talk about inspirational women that have impacted the way we work, think, and live.

Being inspired is an intimately personal thing, but we hope these reflections will help you to take some time to think about what drives you forward, and makes you tick.

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Maria Keenan

Testing 30 Productivity Tools in 30 Days | Week 3

For weeks one and two of this little experiment, you can go here and here respectively.

As the headline or a previous installment of this series might tell you, I recently decided to try out 30 productivity tools over the space of a month to provide our readers with honest feedback about how well they performed for me, and how well they fulfilled their purpose, whether that's streamlining a process or saving its users time.

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Vicky Carmichael

Quick Tricks #2: Displaying a selection of tickets

Welcome back to Quick Tricks, a fortnightly series of posts sharing an actionable tip for how do something fun (and a little bit secret) in Tito. 🤫

What? Today’s post will show you how to display a specific selection of tickets on your homepage, rather than the default view of all your public tickets.

Why? When you have a lot of different ticket types, your event homepage can start to look cluttered. Sometimes you want to be able to share a link which just displays certain ticket types, and not others. For instance you might want to add a “View sponsorship packages” button on your website, which then links out to a version of your Tito event homepage showing just your sponsorship tickets. You can also use this trick to link to multiple secret tickets at once.

How? You may already know that each ticket in Tito has its own unique reference which is used to generate a direct URL to that specific ticket. It looks something like this:

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Vicky Carmichael

How to Embed the Tito widget in your Squarespace website

Increasingly, small to medium businesses are opting for website builders and hosted solutions like Squarespace to create sites on the fly.

According to a usage statistics and market share report from

Squarespace is used by 2.7% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 1.5% of all websites.

1.5% may not sound like much, but we’re talking about millions of sites. Squarespace is the 5th most used content management system (CMS), behind Wordpress (which has the largest market share by far at 60.2% of sites with a CMS), Joomla, Drupal and Shopify.

In today’s blog post and accompanying video tutorial, we’re going to show you how to embed the Tito widget in your Squarespace website. But you can use these techniques to embed the widget in most websites. You just need to have access to the codebase including the <head> tag, but you don’t really need to know how to code.

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Maria Keenan

I Tried 30 Different Productivity Tools for 30 Days So You Can Use the Best Ones

Event organisers will never have enough time. If there's one universal fact I've learned across every conversation I've had with Tito customers, in Tito HQ and at events themselves, this is it.

If you look at an event organiser's list of priorities, you probably won't find "be more productive" anywhere on it, but anywhere you can save time is worth it when it comes to the role, so I thought I'd use some of my time to save organisers theirs.

One small way I could do that was committing myself to finding a list of productivity tools that could actually help them. To that end, I spent 30 days trying 30 different productivity tools to find the best ones.

It was no simple task, let me tell you. I've read just about every "List of tools you've never heard of", "Tools you should try in 2019", "Best productivity apps of this year", and "Tools every busy person needs" article you can find.

The common thread among them was that they listed the functionality of the tools, and the price, which is great. But they lacked and insight into how they impact peoples' work. So, here we are, and that's what I'm going to share. 

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Vicky Carmichael

Quick Tricks #1: Embedding video in your event homepage

Welcome to the first in our Quick Tricks series! Every two weeks we’ll share a quick tip on how do something cool or a little bit hidden in Tito.

Each of these tips can be implemented quickly, and help take your Tito event to new levels…

What? Today’s post will show you a neat way to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos into your event homepage.

Why? It’s been said that videos on landing pages have the potential to increase conversions by 80%. Granted, that statistic was published by a video marketing technology company, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to include highlight reels from your last event or a teaser of what’s to come to whet your customers’ appetites.

How? The event homepage supports markdown, but markdown can’t be used to embed video. 😖 So we implemented a neat little solution in the form of quick tags. You can use them in the Short Description and Additional Info fields, and they work for both YouTube and Vimeo!

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