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Tito Lookup

With the addition of Murray to the engineering team earlier this year, and Bill also helping us out regularly, we are finally in a position to look at some of the longstanding features that have been hibernating in our development backlog.

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Changelog: Winter is coming

We continue to work feverishly behind the scenes on the next version of Tito but in the meantime here are some pulls, tugs and tweaks to our existing app:

  • ⚙️ Added the maximum upload limit for file type questions (tl;dr it’s 5MB)
  • ⚙️ Added a link to our privacy policy from our event homepages on the advice of the W3C Advisory Board (🙌)
  • ⚙️ Added title attributes to the input fields on the event homepage for accessibility and on the advice of the W3C Advisory Board (double 🙌)
  • ⚙️ Made some changes to the language and arrangement of invoices and receipts based on regional requirements
  • 🐞 Fixed an issue with discount codes on donation type tickets
  • ✨ Broke out docs into a separate app and added algolia search
  • ⚙️ Updated the Stripe country list in Payment Options to reflect the latest beta statuses
  • ⚙️ Added an option to allow the assigning of unassigned tickets when tickets are locked by the organiser (private beta feature)
  • Added a section to the docs about the mystical world of Open Graph data used when sharing links on various platforms

Changelog: It’s The Final Countdown

I’m lucky because I love what I do — it’s a privileged position for sure, but taking a break is healthy. And especially when it’s to welcome a new arrival into the world. So while we wait for d-day and before I’m elbow deep in newborn nappies again here’s my last changelog for a few weeks...

  • ⚙️ Added ticket unvoided webhook
  • 🐞 Fixed an issue revealing secret tickets via a discount code when a custom domain is being used
  • ✨ When a ticket is locked (private beta feature) we’ve tweaked the behaviour based on feedback so that ticket assigns optionally cannot be done without contacting the organisers
  • ⚙️ Added event date and location to the account ticket export
  • ⚙️ Enhanced our Tito widget to play better with Google Analytics

Changelog: Check It Out

  • ✨ Some tweaks, tidies and improvements to the UI and language around assigning tickets in the checkout. Hopefully this will make things clearer, but do let us know what you think via the button below. We’ve also added some documentation to give you a better idea of what happens when an order is placed:
  • 🐞 Fixed an inaccurate timezone indicator on the event homepage schedule section by removing it. We might bring it back at some point
  • 🐞 Fixed an issue where you couldn’t log a refund in Tito after the payment gateway refund period had expired
  • 🐞 Tidied up a couple of inconsistencies on the order confirmation email
  • 🐞 Allow organisers to log refunds even if the time period for performaing a refund has passed
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where the attendee file uploader would silently fail when the size limit was exceeded
  • 🙈 Fixed a couple of super embarrassing typos in the docs that we shall never mention again
  • 🐞 Fixed a super weird edge case bug where the assign window wouldn’t pop up when it was supposed to
  • 😂 Doc’s favourite commit message of the week:



Changelog: Times They Are A-Changin'

I know I said we didn’t do much “onstage” stuff, but what I meant to say is that we didn’t do much big onstage stuff. Here’s a list of a few of the smaller things that have kept us busy since our last changelog...

  • 🐞 Fixed a receipt layout issue when hiding tax types
  • 🐞 Fixed a confusing billed/unbilled figure in the Reports section
  • 🐞 For those having issues selling ticket in Vietnamese Dong (this could have just been one very, very patient customer — thank you Rachman) the bug be gone
  • 🐞 Tablet users needing to accept lenthy terms for an event will no longer be screaming in scroll-less frustration (sorry)
  • 🐞 Broken images and video for The Dude have been patched
  • 🎉 We created a page for EU VAT advice we’ve been given by some people who know way more about VAT than us: (feel free to link to it)
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where the company name mandatory setting in the Tickets view was being ignored
  • 🎉 We’ve dropped our pricing for those on the highest 5% tier — they can now enjoy a 3% rate (see separate in-app message)
  • 🐞 Fixed some issues with emails being sent when reassigning tickets based on manual orders
  • 🎉 Event emails sent now include share links in the footer
  • 🎉 Daily digest emails should now arrive at 8am your time rather than our time
  • 🎉 Added a link to the Android Play store for our Android check-in app because I’m pretty sure nobody but us knew we had one
  • 🎉 PDF order invoices now have a paid/unpaid stamp
  • 🎉 Add functional pricing (private beta feature)
  • 🎉 Add an option to exclude the ticket list from messages sent to attendees
  • 🐞 Make it clear if a waitlist ticket can’t be offered due to the ticket having expired
  • 🎉 Include individual open stats for messages sent
  • 🎉 Let organisers limit the total number of tickets per order
  • 🐞 Various improvements to the duplicate event function
  • 🐞 A not insignificant amount of tweaks, fixes and polishings to private beta features
  • 🚀 A completely new app to handle our billing... we call it “the billing app”
  • 😞 Added manual verification of accounts to allow message sending from Tito. Because spammers.
  • 🙀 A whole bunch of updates to the API and webhooks — too numerous to list

So, we’re back to our regular *cough* posting of changelogs... did you miss us? Of course you did!

Doc Parsons


Don’t compare your backstage to other people’s onstage.

— Patrick Rothfuss

We’ll get into the awkward subject of why there have been no blog posts in the last ten months but first, an aside... Podcasts.

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