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Organizer registration notifications

Following a suggestion from one of our customers, Stephan Boönneman, the email notification that event organizers receive for ticket registrations now includes the ticket name.


From: UltimateConf 2014
Subject: John Wayne just registered 1 ticket


From: UltimateConf 2014
Subject: 1 x Early Bird registered by John Wayne

Since multiple ticket purchases have the potential to make the subject length unwieldy, we roll them up for more than three.

Doc Parsons

Welcome 3fe

My name is Colin Harmon and in 2008 I decided that I wanted to devote everything I had to coffee. — 3fe, Our Story

The story is a good one and we’ve watched Colin’s efforts and influence transform the coffee scene in Dublin. I’m not sure Tito has a spiritual home yet, but 3fe is most certainly our spiritual office.

Peter McDonagh has put the finishing touches to their new site and we’re delighted that they are using us (via our JS widget) for their coffee classes.

If you’re ever in and around Dublin, we highly recommend a visit. You’ll probably see at least one of us refueling in the corner…

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