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Must-Attend Code Conferences: Back to BASICs

I didn't just want to use this as an excuse to squeeze as many programming puns in as possible. I swear.

That said... you better wake up and smell the Java.

Code conferences are where some of the most creative business deals and development plans find their roots, and finding the right ones to go to can be a challenge.

Perhaps you even want to speak at one, but you haven't got much experience. Are you a diamond in the rough? Or perhaps a Ruby, or a Perl? Attending conferences regularly is a great way to take stock of different presentation styles that can inform your own delivery, whether that comes on an event stage or in an investor meeting.

If you don't get some real-world experience, you're liable to get a C++ from the crowd. But Go ahead, give it a Bash.

Okay, enough of that.

Here are three choice code conferences, events and meet-ups that we work with here at Tito for your consideration, awe, and ticket purchasing needs:

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Maria Keenan

4 of the Best GDPR Status Pages: Copy & Design

If your birthday’s on the 25th of May, a lot of people are going to ignore you.

It’s D-Day for GDPR, and every single business that trades in the EU will need to be in line with the regulations by that date, so they'll be pretty busy. Sorry, folks.

Unfortunately, even when you get compliant, it’s difficult for your customers and potential customers to know that you’re ready for the GDPR.

And, doubly unfortunately, there’s been some scaremongering around the subject, and a lot of people are weary that they don’t want to be in cahoots with businesses who aren’t ready for the changes.

(If you're looking for some more event-specific GDPR guidance, you can check out this resource.)

To inform your strategy from a marketing point of view, I wanted to share 4 examples of GDPR status pages and assets that show different, effective ways to explain what you’re doing to protect your customers’ and users’ data, and to set outsiders’ minds at ease:

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Maria Keenan

GDPR Compliance and Information Security - Some Events to Help 

It's Friday afternoon, do you know where your leads are?

*shines light in eyes*

Where'd you get them? Who sent you? How long have you had them for?

GDPR compliance, as we've mentioned, can seem intimidating, but there are a few ways around it to remain in-line while sparing yourself the headache of trying to process all of the legal jargon that goes into creating a 99 article document.

Below are some events that will spell out how GDPR will impact both EU and non-EU individuals, and what can be done about it:

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3 Inspiring Events Celebrating Women this Spring - A Round-Up

“Well, I guess you don’t know everything about women yet.”

- Princess Leia

International Women's Day takes place on March 8th every year.

(Admittedly, that's a month away, but there are some events below that simply should have pride of place and take place in advance of that date.)

A brief history

  • International Women's Day started in the US in 1909 to mark a protest for better working conditions for women the previous year.
  • The above was organised by a the US Socialist Party and, taking their nod from that, The Socialist International, including 17 countries, approved a Women's Day unanimously with a view to using it to build support for international women's suffrage. 
  • In 1913-14, Women's Day was marked as a day of protest by women in objection to WWI.
  • 2018 also marks the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in Ireland and the UK.

With that, I'd like to take the opportunity this week to showcase some inspiring events celebrating women set to celebrate and enrich their talents:

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Maria Keenan

Events for Inbound Marketers - A Round-Up

The interesting thing about being a marketer is that we work halfway between the scientific method and the creative process.

We target our campaigns based on what historical data tells us about where our readers and potential customers research and entertain themselves online, what topics they're interested in, and what we're good at.

Then, a few months, or a few quarters later, we change it. We do that for a couple of reasons:

  1. Because people change their preferences and get educated about topics constantly and
  2. Because marketers learn from other marketers, and use their proven tactics for themselves, meaning that we end up fighting for the attention of the same people in the same spaces once a marketing technique becomes popular.

So, how do we continue to improve what we do, and how do we try to remain inventive?

Events are a good place to start.

Below, you'll find three Tito customers who are top of the class when it comes to providing events for inbound marketers. Our preferred methodology in-house at Tito is inbound, because we like helping people.

If that's your shtick too, read on:

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Maria Keenan

Personal Development Goals for 2018 - 3 Events For Inspiration

January's coming to a close and, whether you're still writing "2017" on your to-do lists, or you're at the point of successfully completing #veganuary, it's worth taking the time to reflect on your goals and how you're working towards them.

Here at Tito, we're working tooth-and-nail at the minute on implementing projects that we hope will help our current and future customers towards their personal goals in 2018 and beyond.

Personal development goals are the seeds that grow into successful events a lot of the time. Nothing an organiser puts on is every accomplished successfully without passion. So, with that in mind, here are three events that we're so greatful to work with that help people to become better versions of themselves:

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