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A 9-Part Competitive Analysis Framework for Event Organisers

One of the biggest wastes of energy in modern business is being jealous of your competitors' success.

In this post, I want to explore different ways that you can get inspired by those successes to fuel your own strategies, and spend that energy more productively. These options come from a place of being proactive about what you can do, instead of just brewing an internal sense of rivalry that neither benefits you nor your event attendees.

The 9 areas of this competitive analysis framework that you can try just by looking at your competitors' sites are these:

  1. Organic Social Media; what channels do your shared audiences prefer?
  2. Paid Social Media; where are the competition spending their money?
  3. SEM & Display Ads; what are your competitors pushing?
  4. Content & SEO; what search terms are your attendees using?
  5. Community Building; how do you keep attendees excited?
  6. Web Technologies; what tools are making your competitors' lives easier?
  7. Tickets; how are your competitors selling their event?
  8. Lead Generation; how are your competitors gathering interest?
  9. Sponsorship; how are your competitors funding their events?

But let's go into a little more detail...

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Startup Events 2019: 7 Opportunities to Help Grow Your Business

Building a startup can be daunting, and the time founders  spend on the responsibilities associated with that can make it hard for them to connect with people who can help them along the way. 

Thankfully, startup events and conferences offer a concise way to meet and learn from leaders who have successfully grown their businesses from startup to scale-up and beyond. 

Today, we'll take a look at seven startup events across five countries that eager entrepreneurs and their teams can look to as opportunities to learn from the best and find a helping hand with the obstacles they're facing. 

Those startup events taking place this year are:

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Ruby Conferences 2019: 6 Quality Options for Rubyists & the Ruby-Curious

 People call Ruby a beautiful, artful language and, with such high praise, it's easy to see why its enthusiasts love to meet in person to discuss its applications. Ruby 2.6.1 was released this week, so it seems there's no time like the present to talk about some events for Ruby programmers this year. 

We picked six taking place in 2019 to give you a wealth of options (get it? Ruby, wealth?) if you're looking for some new developers to meet and learn from:

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Running an Event for Technologists, as Illustrated Through 23 Gifs

It's the last Wednesday in January and, for some folks, that means that they're at the end of their most stressful 1/12th of the year. The world of events, however, is different.

There are so many variables that go into running a tech event. Organisers can be hosting their event on any day of any month, they can take anything from five weeks to two years to put the show together and, in a lot of cases, they're doing most of the heavy lifting alone. 

For both a light-hearted reprieve from the extremely stressful and serious goings-on of that career, and to share some helpful resources, I've put together this post all about the different stages of running an event so that you can revel in all the things you've accomplished so far in 2019, plus get an overview of might be ahead: 

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Cyber Security Conferences 2019: 5 Options to Help Reinforce Your Strategy

Cyber Security has been a topic of national, international and personal interest for some time now, meaning it's no surprise that we've seen an increase in the number of cyber security conferences going live in 2019.

Around 60% of small businesses shut down within six months of a data breach, showing the detrimental effect insufficient security protocals have on commerce. Furthermore, on a personal scale, just last week we saw details of the 'Collection #1' leak emerge in which 773 million email addresses and over 22 million passwords were breached, showing the gravity of the implications associated with security risks for folks every day.

Not least, conferences on the topic of cyber security in 2019 will play a crucial role in helping security professionals to gain a greater understanding of contemporary threats and the means by which they can prevent them.

As such, we've put together a list of top-class cyber security events within a variety of disciplines that we recommend if you're looking for some more information about current state of your businesses online safety.

So, without any further ado, here are 5 top picks for 2019 cyber security conferences:

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