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Breaking into Coding from a Non-Traditional Background

The notion of the “traditional” career path is dead. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that my beginnings were as a telemarketer. But, even before that, while working as a cashier, I once tried to charge an elderly woman for 184 turnips of which she only wanted one.

And I’m not alone in that. At least not in metaphor.

Chloe Condon (pictured below) is a “Developer Evangelist” and assures me that doesn’t mean she’s in a cult. She shared with me how she went from re-writing and performing the lyrics to a Frozen song, to being a programmer for Sentry. In other words, how she got into the tech industry with no experience.

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The Gift of Giving - An Event Round Up

Every December, I host a tree-trimming party. I serve chili with cornbread and lots of good wine. It's a wonderful party, and it shows how much adults like to play. - Maya Angelou

My family sees the festive season as a time to do whatever small amount of work we can for others. Mum knits those tiny hats you see on Innocent smoothie bottles (the proceeds of which go towards aiding the elderly in the winter), my sister sells books for women's shelters, and I collect food for families in need.

With that in mind (and heart) on the 1st of December, I wanted to share some of the customers we work with at Tito. Each of these groups helps communities and under-represented people by uplifting them to a point where they can represent themselves on a greater scale for the greater good:

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A Highly Creative Event Round-Up

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. - Scott Adams

This week on Tito, I wanted to dig into some of the events that our customers curate that focus on showcasing creativity in different forms.

By definition, entrepreneurs have to do something new every time and, to show how those efforts manifest, here are three shining examples:

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Inspiring Women in Tech, Their Resumés and What You Can Learn From Them

It’s annoying when people use superlatives to make what they write sound better. In fact, it's the worst.

I don’t want to talk about today’s Most Successful Women for this. To me, it’s borderline impossible to come up with a comprehensive metric for what constitutes success; it’s just too subjective.

I For One Welcome Our Corporate Overlords

I could have broken down the rise to fame of Sheryl Sandberg, Susan Wojcicki and Safra Catz, but the internet has already done that for me many times over.

Only 6.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, and that's on my mind, but the natural instinct to jump to the leaders whose professional careers revolve around CEO, IBM, HP, and other capital letters is overdone. I wanted something more relatable.

Below you’ll find the professional and personal experiences of three, perhaps less well-known, inspiring women in tech.

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