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Meetups - A Round-Up

Anyone over the age of 20 will tell you that it gets harder as you get older to make friends. 

There's any number of reasons for that. Perhaps it's because other pursuits take up our time and energy. Perhaps it's down to not having a designated new step like school or college to throw you into a new pool of people. Or maybe it's just because you get lazy.

For a remedy to this, this week on Tito we're going to take a look at meetups. Constantly rated as one of the best places to meet like-minded folks, our customers showcase very varied interests, which you might share with them:

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Maria Keenan

3 Specific Reasons Why You Should Get an Event Planning Qualification

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in meeting and event management, hospitality, or tourism management should have the best job opportunities.

- The US Bureau of Labor Statistics

This, to me, is extremely frustrating.

Not because I don’t hold a degree in any of these, but because, for a bureau of statistics, you’d think they’d focus on this thing called “at least some factual analysis.”

To be fair to bureaucratic entities, they do state on their website that, “Most… event planning positions require a bachelor’s degree” which is at least an attempt at justifying the hypothesis.

When it comes to the initial evidence I had going into writing this post, I had no stats to begin with either, but then again, I’m not a State department.

Given that it's my literal job to work alongside event organisers both online and off, I've heard time and again that there’s a gap in the market for proof around whether or not event management qualifications and degrees are worth the time and money that goes into them.

So, I dug a little deeper.

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Maria Keenan

Events for Good - A Round-Up

You might be lead to believe that running an event is pretty formulaic. Something, perhaps, like this:

  1. Start event
  2. Sell tickets
  3. ???
  4. Profit & happiness

Well, sorry to disappoint, but events are never that easy to produce. Some even skip the "profit" part. 

One thing that we can be certain of though is that anyone that decides to put on an event wants it to be good. Today, with a twist, we wanted to share with you some events that are not only good, they're working for the greater good:

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Maria Keenan

3 London Tech Conferences to Attend in 2018/19 | A Round-Up

My three favourite facts about London (in no particular order) are these:

  1. More than half of the London Underground network runs above ground.
  2. It's illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour.
  3. The statue of George Washington in Trafalgar Square sits on imported soil from the USA because George Washington claimed, “he would never again set foot on English soil.”

As well as being a city soaked in historical quirks, London (in more recent times) has become an epicenter of the tech event scene, so I thought it only fitting to share three London tech conferences that are global leaders in their respective niches with the hope of helping you find the next one you'd like to attend:

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Maria Keenan

Futuristic Events - A Round-Up

A lot of the time, when we try to predict the future, we get it wrong. 

I came across this collection of postcards from Public Domain Review recently that depicted what people in the 19th Century thought everyday life would look like in the year 2000. They made me think about what we see as emerging and disruptive changes that are in the pipeline for 2018 and beyond.

I turned to our customers and found some futuristic events that showcase and discuss what will cause change in our work and home lives in coming years, and how realistic those updates are:

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Maria Keenan

5 Innovative Ways to Optimise Your Event (Beyond the Ticket Price) | Lessons from Behavioural Scientists

In 2014, the IAA and Carr Communications were awarded 'Best Event' from the PRII for the IAA's Flightfest where 150,000 people lined the streets of Dublin to watch over 30 full-size aircraft, including an Airbus A389 fly up the Liffey. 

Event organisers spend a lot of time analysing what went well at their events and using that information to improve what they produce in the future. 

Often, it's hard to get a grasp on the many things that you can potentially measure to sell more tickets, make attendees happier and keep staff motivated. It can be hard to figure out what makes all these people tick and how you can apply what you know about them to optimise their experiences. 

I spoke with Amy and Eimear, both working for Carr Communications and experts in behavioural science, to get a grasp of how their years spent studying human behaviour can inform the event organisation process.

What is behavioural science?

Before we begin, it's worth noting what the foundations of behavioural science are, and why they're relevant to the events industry in the first place:

Behavioural Science brings together thinking from economics, psychology, and social sciences to understand why people behave the way they do.

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