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Food Industry Events 2018/19 | A Taster Menu

At Tito, we work with a lot of developer conferences, design conferences, and community conferences, but that's certainly not all we do. 

This week it's a privilege to share something a bit more outside the box than what we've previously shared in our round-ups.

So, here, you'll find some of the culinary delights that Tito customers have brought to the table (if you excuse the pun) in recent times as we look at three food industry events taking place in 2018.

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Maria Keenan

Tito Becomes One of the First Companies to Join the New Stripe Partner Programme

We’ve <3’d Stripe for quite some time now, but today we’re beyond excited to announce that Tito is now a verified Stripe Partner.

It’s always been an aim of ours to help companies scale their event businesses and sell more tickets to happier customers and Stripe has been with us since the very start.  

Tito has 1-click Stripe integration which allows you to process credit cards for selling your tickets through Tito. Our fees are collected at the time of purchase so the funds you receive from Stripe are the funds you keep.

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Maria Keenan

If you build it, they will come | 3 Events for Developers

Long gone are the days of building products and services just for the sake of it. 

The markets that we all operate in are rife with competitors and "next big things" which means we all have to be more strategic and helpful in what we produce. 

Events are ideal vehicles to learn from thought leaders in a variety of spaces to see what they've built and why, and how their projects have helped escalate their businesses and others'.

This week in our Tito round-up, we're proud to feature three events that will showcase trade secrets all about how to build and why to build better experiences for future and current users. 

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Maria Keenan

The Average Event Manager Salary Per Country in 2018

Do you think you make enough money?

Does anyone?

Society has evolved in a way that's made it rude to ask how much money someone else makes. It's still rude even if they do the same thing you do, but for a different company, or in a different place.

Perhaps this reluctance comes from a place of not wanting to upset the other person by making them feel like they're valued less. Perhaps it comes from a desire to avoid making them angry at or jealous of you for the same reason, despite the fact that it's something we all wonder about at one time or another.

It can be hard to find an exact number to value yourself at (and, in itself, it sounds like a perverse exercise, because human worth is much more than the money you make, but that's a different post.) After thinking about all of this, I've been doing some research to break down the different pay scales of event organisers across the world.

Whether you use the following information to satisfy your curiosity, or as a bargaining chip in your next interview, here are the results I found about different event managers' projected yearly earnings:

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Maria Keenan

3 Different Ways to Implement On-Page SEO for Events [Tutorial]

(If you're new to SEO and want a crash course on where we're getting all this from, you should refer to our Basic SEO for Event Pages post here.)

I recognise that, in a previous post, I waxed lyrical about on-page SEO for events, but I didn't quite go into depth about how to implement it. 

Today we'll take a few minutes to go through event page SEO tutorials for three popular platforms and all the places keywords should live for additional event visibility. 

I'll cover how to SEO-optimise a Tito event, an event page hosted on Wordpress (with or without Yoast) and how to SEO-optimise event pages hosted on the HubSpot COS.

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