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Changelog: Commit message quality control edition

It has been almost eight months since our last changelog post, too long and with things not so fresh in my mind I have been going through our commit logs to remind me what changes have been made.

But first, after reviewing eight months of commit logs I spotted some quality commit messages that got past our QA department. Authors who will remain nameless, you know who you are ;-) The most descriptive commit message award has to be given to “see if this is better”, the most confusing award goes to “unescape tennis”, the most worrying for “no idea” and the best intentions but otherwise useless goes to “making Paul happy”. The overall winner had to be “oops #pantsdown”. (Sorry)

Anyway here a list of some of the smaller changes we have been making. For the bigger changes and new features stay posted, updates are coming soon.

  • Introduced a new file question type so files can be attached to tickets.
  • Interested people can now be imported in bulk.
  • Tickets can be now be duplicated.
  • iCalendar (.ics) files are now attached to ticket emails.
  • Added the ability to embed Wistia videos on event pages to go with YouTube, Vimeo and a couple of others.
  • Organised and added more detailed descriptions of the settings in the Customise section.
  • Added Foursquare support for event venues.
  • Fixed the “Contact the organizer” mailto link which wasn’t working in Chrome.
  • Imports can now contain UTF-8 characters.
  • Reworked our import pages to give a better indication of their progress.
  • Added support for .xsls imports.
  • Added country name to ticket webhook requests.
  • Added progress indicators for Excel, Pdf, Zip file exports.
  • Fixed Excel exports so phone numbers would be handled correctly.
  • Added the ability to export CSV/Excel versions of receipts.
  • Moved the currency symbol from every row to just the header row in exports.
  • The refund type e.g. logged in Tito only or logged and processed is now included in the Orders export.
  • Fixed some registration fields and checkbox question fields which were not being highlighted correctly when left unanswered.
  • Fixed the used discount quantity on zero value discount codes and discount codes applied to free tickets.
  • The ordering of questions when they are attached to both Tickets and Activities can now be controlled.
  • Add filters to find expired waitlist offers and to find used or unused discount codes.
  • Fixed a bug in the 24 hour summary email where the event totals was being counted up to the time the email was sent instead of up to the end of the previous day.
  • Added a setting to control the title/description of links to your event when they are posted on Twitter, Facebook or Slack.
  • Updated the public timeline of events page.
  • Added Tito fees VAT to the figures on the Reports screen.
  • Introduced a setting to prevent event pages being added to search engines.

Changelog Gavin Sheridan Edition

Dear Gavin, (he’s sat next to me here in the office, so why not write the changelog as a letter to him?)

It’s been over 3 months since last I wrote a changelog. It felt like 3 weeks. I’m scarlet.

But we haven’t been idle, as our last few blog posts indicate. We’re now a real company, with our own GitHub organisation and businessy things like a balance sheet, and a P&L chart that shows that we spend way too much on subscription software. But at least we know now, right?

Not only is our business savvy on the up, but we’ve been doubling down on keeping Tito nice and stable, bug-fixing our happy little faces off, and introducing a few little surprises here and there—which I’ll tease below—in the usual changelog fashion. Here goes!

  • As requested by Andrew Martin in a delightfully English way, we now have “Add to Google Calendar” as an option from the view ticket screen. Even though I’ve never used the “Add to Calendar” option in Tito, loads of you seem to swear by it.
  • We’ve long teased API access, but we’ve been pretty unhappy with the API that we were working on. A few months ago, we started work on a new jsonapi-compliant API and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s shaping up. It’s still pretty basic right now, so it’s not much more than changelelog-worthy when it comes to news, but if you want to follow along, the docs are being updated here (source), I’m working on a rubygem here (source), and there’s even an unofficial node.js client. Super, super, super excited about this one… Feel free to play around … and feed us back ( if things don’t work.
  • The Company Name field was being shown in every confirmation email, even for events where it wasn’t being used. It only shows now if it’s been filled.
  • We added error messages to ticket imports. Our importing process could be improved so much, and we’ll get to this eventually, but for now “less shit” is better than “completely crap”.
  • Teeny tiny bug that’s so small it’s barely noticable on the dashboard was fixed.
  • Another few tiny bugs that neither you nor I care about were fixed.
  • Yep, more tiny ones. Like, these are bugs that probably affect 2 people. Maybe even just 1 person.
  • We were seeing an issue where if you uploaded a banner image with the same name as your previous banner image, then you’d continue to see the old one, because it would be cached in our CDN. Now when you upload a banner, we take the md5sum of the uploaded file and use that as the filename. Cache. Busted. Pow!
  • We weren’t displaying your custom email signatures in ticket-related emails. Sorry about that. Thanks to an eagle-eyed customer, we finally took notice, and … now we are!
  • Finally (as if that wasn’t all impressive enough? We’re only a team of 3!!!): File question types. We snuck this in quietly last week on behalf of a customer who sponsored the feature. You can now set a quesiton to be a “File” type and your attendees can use it to upload a file when they’re completing questions on a ticket. When you view the responses, you can download them all at once as a zip file. Beautiful!

As a bonus, we have a few new private-beta features that you might want to help us kick the tires on. Just let us know if you’d like to try these and we can enable them on your account:

  • Test mode. This allows you (if you’re using Stripe) to process transactions using your Stripe test account, and they’ll end up in Tito in a “test” environment, without muddying up your live environment. Great for … testing!
  • Custom roles. We’re beefing up our team support to add custom roles so that you can go a bit more fine-grained on what your teams can and cannot do. It’s still in development, but will be available for testing shortly.

So there you have it, all up to date and delightful. I’m most excited about the API stuff, and we’re going to tag-team on that and roles to try and get them nice and production-ready in the next few weeks.

Anyway Gavin, thanks for visiting the office today. That’s it for another edition of the Tito changelog. You’re a great fella. Thanks for the tea. Now: pint?