Schrödinger’s Cat Edition

  • We’ve changed the default URL for passing a discount code through to an event page. Where once it was of the format https://ti.to/ultimateconf/2013/?discount_code=RANDYSAVAGE, we now also support: https://ti.to/ultimateconf/2013/discount/RANDYSAVAGE It’s the cream of the crop.
  • Fixed a bug that rendered the navigation bar useless if you changed the URL of an event while setting it up. Bugs like this are embarrassing.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly showed a cancelled ticket as “Unissued” on the customer screen.
  • If a customer started an order and then clicked on “X” to cancel the order, they would be presented with the confusing options: “Cancel” or “Ok”. Now, the technical minded of us know that this is a standard JS alert dialogue and that pressing “Ok” means “Yes, cancel”, and pressing “Cancel” means “Cancel cancelling”. But of course not all of us should be expected to know that, and now the labels that appear are “No” and “Yes, cancel this order”. Small fix, much better.
  • Getting all existential again, if we had a feature that allowed customers to add upgrades to their ticket, those upgrades would now appear on their public ticket page.
  • We recently implemented Selectize, a rather delightful library to improve the user experience of select boxes. If a credit card was declined during a transactionn and collecting a billing address was enabled, the country select would regress back to a regular old select. That is now no longer the case.
  • Our recent UI changes brought a “public” and “secret” toggle to show and hide a ticket. But when you toggled, the list on the left wouldn’t update, leading to a Schrödinger-style situation where at a glance a ticket could be both public AND secret at the same time. With this update, the list item stays in sync and if your ticket were a cat, there would be no doubt about its mortal situation.
  • Following on from Schrödinger’s cat, the same applies to editing a ticket, so that if you change the name or the price, the list will be updated inline. Welcome to the world of fake two-way data-binding.
  • New signups were not being added to Intercom until they returned to Tito, or refreshed the page. Since we want to provide the best support in the world, this wasn’t ideal. Intercom still doesn’t support Markdown anymore.
  • There were more updates, but they’re not quite done yet.