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The Average Event Manager Salary Per Country in 2018

Do you think you make enough money?

Does anyone?

Society has evolved in a way that's made it rude to ask how much money someone else makes. It's still rude even if they do the same thing you do, but for a different company, or in a different place.

Perhaps this reluctance comes from a place of not wanting to upset the other person by making them feel like they're valued less. Perhaps it comes from a desire to avoid making them angry at or jealous of you for the same reason, despite the fact that it's something we all wonder about at one time or another.

It can be hard to find an exact number to value yourself at (and, in itself, it sounds like a perverse exercise, because human worth is much more than the money you make, but that's a different post.) After thinking about all of this, I've been doing some research to break down the different pay scales of event organisers across the world.

Whether you use the following information to satisfy your curiosity, or as a bargaining chip in your next interview, here are the results I found about different event managers' projected yearly earnings:

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Maria Keenan

3 Different Ways to Implement On-Page SEO for Events [Tutorial]

(If you're new to SEO and want a crash course on where we're getting all this from, you should refer to our Basic SEO for Event Pages post here.)

I recognise that, in a previous post, I waxed lyrical about on-page SEO for events, but I didn't quite go into depth about how to implement it. 

Today we'll take a few minutes to go through event page SEO tutorials for three popular platforms and all the places keywords should live for additional event visibility. 

I'll cover how to SEO-optimise a Tito event, an event page hosted on Wordpress (with or without Yoast) and how to SEO-optimise event pages hosted on the HubSpot COS.

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Maria Keenan

How Business Events Can Aid Company Growth (With 3 Examples)

Growing a business is an inexact science. 

If we were to use a formula, it would look something like:

Lots of money + uniqueness + talent + good timing + a conscience= good business

But the real world is reluctant to deliver all of those things, let alone all at once. However, one proven avenue that is a promising way to boost business is attending and hosting events. Business events have come a long way past the stuffy stereotype people used to attribute to them. The focus of the industry is now on delighting the participants rather than just gathering them in a hotel ballroom and hoping for the best (but more on that later.)

Here, we'll look at the different ways that business events help people grow their companies and for each opportunity, we'll take a look at an example of an event that delivers on those promises, beginning with:

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Vicky Carmichael

Getting Creative with the Tito Widget: Real Customer Examples

For most of our customers, Tito’s event homepage is central to their ticket selling process. But there is another way to capture registrations.

Tito makes it easy to sell tickets to your event. You simply enter the event details—title, date, location, ticket types and so on—and we generate an attractive and user-friendly event homepage for you. You can link to it from your website, or from anywhere on the internet, and get selling tickets in minutes.

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Maria Keenan

3 Community Event Organisers Working Towards Social Good

When we consider the benefits a conference coming to town could hold for us, we always think about it in terms of numbers: 

The number of dollars, or euro, or pounds that will flood into the economy,  the number attendees that will leave our area who will share their positive experiences, and the increased numbers of people contributing to local businesses. 

This week, instead, I wanted to consider events and conferences in a different light, but still a beneficial one. Aside from the money and prestige that comes with big-ticket events, there are others that are pouring other positive influences into the areas they set up in. 

Today, we'll be looking at event organisers working towards social good, and the impact that work has and will have on communities:

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Maria Keenan

Free, Effective Writing Resources for Event Organisers

Whether it’s an invitation, an email asking for more funding, or a recap article, events need content that people will actually read.

That said, the process of writing often has to take a back seat while the ever-pressing, million-part to-do list of the organiser gets attended to.

My background has almost always been in writing. I’ve always been a big believer in the notion that writing is a craft anyone can get into, but good writing is a skill that needs constant work. The issue is, pouring over grammar books or taking courses is a daunting, needless commitment for anyone whose full-time job only requires a little bit of putting fingers to keyboard.

However, that shouldn’t rule those people out from being able to produce quality writing, even in short bursts of their spare time. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of eking out different methods to make the writing process more efficient. Here, I’ll share the biggest time-saver available to those of us who don’t need to know what “Realis mood” means just to write a blog post: free tools.

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