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Cyber Security Conferences 2019: 5 Options to Help Reinforce Your Strategy

Cyber Security has been a topic of national, international and personal interest for some time now, meaning it's no surprise that we've seen an increase in the number of cyber security conferences going live in 2019.

Around 60% of small businesses shut down within six months of a data breach, showing the detrimental effect insufficient security protocals have on commerce. Furthermore, on a personal scale, just last week we saw details of the 'Collection #1' leak emerge in which 773 million email addresses and over 22 million passwords were breached, showing the gravity of the implications associated with security risks for folks every day.

Not least, conferences on the topic of cyber security in 2019 will play a crucial role in helping security professionals to gain a greater understanding of contemporary threats and the means by which they can prevent them.

As such, we've put together a list of top-class cyber security events within a variety of disciplines that we recommend if you're looking for some more information about current state of your businesses online safety.

So, without any further ado, here are 5 top picks for 2019 cyber security conferences:

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Maria Keenan

Marketing Events 2019: New opportunities to unravel this year's trends

It can be hard to keep up sometimes. Paradigm shifts like the transition from traditional marketing to online-first were easier. Nowadays, every day can seem like a new era of tactics and approaches for marketers. 

In 2019, we're told that we can expect a stronger focus on AI, programmatic, automation, and big data, and a host of other new-wave marketing trends.. 

With this post, and with the strongly-held belief that conferences are the place to learn about what's new from others who share your day-to-day, I wanted to share some 2019 marketing events where you can learn about these kinds of trends in person and, with any luck, stay ahead of the curve:

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Maria Keenan

15 Organizations That Sponsor Developer Events

The calendars of people in events are anything but average, but January remains a universal time to refocus, prioritise, and not panic. 

If you're the no-nonsense type and want to get straight to the results, here are the top 5 organizations that sponsor developer events:

  1. Google; They sponsored 30% of the sample set of developer events. 
  2. Microsoft; They sponsored 27% of the sample set of developer events. 
  3. Jet Brains; They sponsored 15% of the sample set of developer events.
  4. Twilio; They sponsored 15% of the sample set of developer events.
  5. IBM; They sponsored 13% of the sample set of developer events.

One of the main pressure points when an event is coming up is figuring out how to fund it. Of course, ticket sales can sustain some events in their entirety, but many organisers look to sponsorship to bridge the gap between expenses and money in the bank. 

However, it can be hard to find who you should reach out to with your sponsorship proposals and pitches. So, this blog post was born.

We thought it'd be interesting to take a sample of developer events specifically, and to analyse the sponsors who were most frequently involved across that set. That data would potentially help a lot of people organising developer conferences (or meet-ups, etc) by giving them a starting point, and an overview of willing sponsor organisations. 

With that, we've identified 15 companies that popped up time and again. To see the companies featured the full list, simply read on: 

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Maria Keenan

4 Events in January 2019 to Interest Even the Most Niche Technologist

New year, new ambitions, new people to meet, and places to see.

Some people feel like January lasts as long as three months. Between the come-down from the cheer of holiday events and the prospect of cold and dark afternoons, let alone nights, January can be a bit of a drag.

One good way to make hump month hurry up is to break up your weeks by trying new things. Though maybe not in a Ross Gellar buys leather pants way.

As such, I've put together this round-up of events taking place this January to get anyone in the technology sector back on track by inspiring them and bringing some interesting new people into their lives.

Let's begin then, shall we?

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Maria Keenan

Admission 2018: Jane Kwett

You don't need me to tell you that hosting events is a great way for companies to build a community, engage and delight it.

Too often, when we get caught up in the pleasure of being in the audience, we can find ourselves guilty of forgetting all of the hard work that goes into producing the conferences and events we enjoy. 

In the spirit of sharing what truly goes into quality events, we want to start the second leg of our Admission video releases with Jane Kwett's talk. Jane has seamlessly seen success in both her career at Yelp and Patreon when it comes to supporting B2C and B2B communities to reach their full potential. 

At Admission, she shared her methodologies for connecting globally dispersed creators and reviewers, incentivising involvement within communities, and identifying what members want, as well as what can help them boost their careers. 

Now, with pleasure, we get to share the full video recording with you: 

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