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Admission 2018: Jane Kwett

You don't need me to tell you that hosting events is a great way for companies to build a community, engage and delight it.

Too often, when we get caught up in the pleasure of being in the audience, we can find ourselves guilty of forgetting all of the hard work that goes into producing the conferences and events we enjoy. 

In the spirit of sharing what truly goes into quality events, we want to start the second leg of our Admission video releases with Jane Kwett's talk. Jane has seamlessly seen success in both her career at Yelp and Patreon when it comes to supporting B2C and B2B communities to reach their full potential. 

At Admission, she shared her methodologies for connecting globally dispersed creators and reviewers, incentivising involvement within communities, and identifying what members want, as well as what can help them boost their careers. 

Now, with pleasure, we get to share the full video recording with you: 

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Maria Keenan

Admission 2018: Hugh Forrest

I was wondering recently about how long people stick it out on the events circuit.

That is, organisers specifically. Don't get me wrong, the thrill you get when things go well and people are amazed by your events is second to few. However, it's also a high-stress, multi-faceted set of responsibilities to take on.

I reckoned it would be a few years or so. Maybe a couple extra in exceptional circumstances.

There are, of course, many dedicated individuals who break that curve. One example of these conference veterans is Hugh Forrest, chief programming officer for SXSW.

Above you'll see the recording of when we had the pleasure of hearing some stories from Hugh's 30 year career (yes, three-zero) in events during Admission.

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Maria Keenan

Event FAQs: A 14-part run down of the most common questions

As the year comes to a close, I think we're all a little tired. 

Committing yourself to a new task or project becomes so much harder as the daylight hours gets shorter and everyone's thinking about their holiday celebrations. 

With that in mind, I wanted to write something that was enjoyable yet easy to read; helpful, yet not a million lines long. 

As such, I did a bit of research into what people spent the year searching about the events and conference industry, and then did some more research into how to answer those queries. 

I found these questions through a combination of SEO tools that I regularly use, and these were the answers I found:

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Maria Keenan

Our Most Popular Event Blog Posts of 2018

In 2018 we've posted 54% more blog posts than in 2017. However, we didn't go into the planning and production process with a quantity goal in mind. People don't read things just because there are many things. 

Instead, we went into the year with key topics, experiments, events, and structures in place that facilitated our ability to write to the standard we wanted while (almost always) posting three articles a week.

Today, I wanted to share what articles went down the best; those that were our most popular in terms of views over the year: 

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Maria Keenan

Admission 2018: Bryony Gomez-Palacio

When I first had a chance to get to know Bryony, I noticed a couple of things. 

One, she gets straight to the point. Two, anything she does, she does meticulously. 

In case you have yet to be acquainted with Bryony and her work, she's and her partner Armin run Brand New Conf, a design event that has sold out every year it's taken place. 

In the talk below, you'll get some idea as to why as Bryony talks us through each year of the conference, and the literal blood, sweat and concrete that go into its production:

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Maria Keenan

5 Business Events Providing Networking & Growth Opportunities in 2019

When I think of business events, I hear the roar of coffee machines, see people exiting conversations by saying, "Sorry, I've got to take this," and I smell enough shirt starch to stand the tower of Pisa upright. 

I wanted to put together a list of business conferences and events that defy these stereotypes; of those that care more about helping people fulfill the visions for their enterprise than helping them keep up an image. 

In the pursuit of such, I've found five examples that push the boundaries of what a previously stuffy niche on the conference scene can be. These are the contenders:

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Maria Keenan

Sketchnotes for Beginners: My 1st Time & Tips for Being Better Than Me

I've not always been in events, but since I've been working at Tito, one of the notions that thrills me about the industry is the idea of creating a spectacle. 

The attention to detail that conference organisers put into their events inspires me. A lot of the organisers I've met through my work at Tito have proven to me that there is a definite importance to good design at events.

Not only do beautiful visuals foster a sense of awe in attendees while events are ongoing, they're one of the most memorable aspects of the event well after it's come to an end. In a practical sense, that inspiration helped me put together this intro to sketchnotes for beginners. 

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Maria Keenan

5 Marketing Events that are Genuinely Worth Attending in 2019

Marketing changes pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss an important SEO update. 

- Not Ferris Bueller

Going to marketing events can be the biggest waste of time. 

The kinds of events where the keynote speaker gets on stage to sell you a CMS or a CRM or a pile of CRAP are the waste-of-time ones and, trust me, I've been there. 

The kinds of events where the team comes from the industry, respects the precious time marketers are taking to be with them, and can find speakers who not only know about marketing, but who can teach people about marketing, are the ones you want to go to. 

As such, I wanted to take today to share some of the most commended, intriguing, and just downright worthwhile marketing events we work with at Tito. Whether they give you inspiration for your own event, or an insight into what's worth adding to your calendar for 2019, enjoy.

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Maria Keenan

Admission 2018: Jessie Char

Events are wonderful places where you can experience your industry in a vibrant, multi-faceted way. 

Unfortunately, no one can attend every single one. Admission was an intimate event for conference organisers, but those that presented shared lessons that anyone who works in the events industry would benefit from hearing. 

We figured this would be the case so have a couple of exciting announcements to share with you on the subject...

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