Maria Keenan

Turning Over a New Leaf: A January Event Round Up

The sentiment of turning over a new leaf as the new year begins is one that can be seen as twee and fake.

If you join a gym, you're mocked because you won't keep going. If you start a diet, you're put down because you won't be consistent. 

The way I see it, you're worse off if you're the one making fun of those who have the ambition to try to improve themselves. All you're doing is spreading negativity, fostering their will to give up, and solidifying your place in this world as a butthead.

This week on Tito, from the pit of annoyance caused by naysayers, I wanted to celebrate some of our customers that are helping to build new starts and healthier lifestyles:

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Ashley Baxter

Event Insurance: A Guide to Cost, Coverage, and Claims

Having worked in the insurance industry for 12 years, I've seen some gnarly situations and they all have one thing in common; nobody saw them coming.

Too many people think insurance is a box to be checked; something that doesn't merit much consideration or research.

I don't blame those people. Insurers do a terrible job of communicating with their customers, preferring to litter their policy documents with jargon instead of phrases we understand. This means most people buy insurance without actually knowing what they're covered for.

That's why I’m bringing event insurance to your attention.

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Maria Keenan

New-Age Nick Cage Networking: A Futuristic Event Round-Up

Art is the juxtaposition of a lot of things that seem unrelated by add up to something recognizable. - Pat Metheny

We've written just over four months' worth of event round-ups this year on everything from zombies to first dates. But, now as I write our last for 2017, we look to the future. 

In 2018 and beyond, our robot overlords are closer than ever, but so too is the bright side of technological advancements, and those who bring them to a deserving stage. With that, here's a particularly futuristic event round-up: 

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Maria Keenan

What You Need to Know About Invisible Disabilities at Events

I would say that in general it is challenging to ask for accommodation because people automatically assume I am being “difficult” or “entitled” to something that others are not privy to. - From the CCHA Spotlight on Invisible Disabilities Report

For speakers and attendees alike, a lack of adequate accessibility at events can be at best an inconvenience and, at worst, an impossibility.

From locked elevators to false advertising, it's obvious that a lot more can be done to accommodate those who need assistance getting around conference and event venues. In fact, it’s plain to see.

But, what about those who don’t appear to need help navigating and negotiating the conference? What happens when you walk into the room and everyone thinks you’re fine?

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Maria Keenan

She'll Be Right: An Australian Event Round-Up

Remember when American TV shows used to make reference to going straight through to China when a character is digging?

Or maybe just this specific Simpsons scene?

Image Source: Giphy

Either way, when I was growing up (in Ireland) I thought China was across the whole bottom of the world, because I thought that it was this giant landmass that you reached no matter where you were in the northern hemisphere when you dug a straight line down.

Turns out I was wrong. Before explaining the slight problem of the Earth's molten core, my Dad told 6 year-old me that we'd hit Australia.

Celebrated as a country where you're forced to wear gym shorts on Christmas day because of the heat, where the glory of Fosters beer came to be, and a place nothing like its depiction in Home and Away, the world's always been fascinated with the land down under.

To showcase some of the entertainment the country has to offer beyond Bondi beach, and calling flip flops "thongs", please enjoy 3 of our wonderful, Aussie customers:

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Maria Keenan

How Successful Do You Have to Be Before Imposter Syndrome Goes Away?

I'm scared of you.

I'm scared that there's a conversation going on about how my writing is purposeless, and that what I'm saying has been said 1000 times over by 1000 people 1000 times smarter than me.

But I still write.

I stare the ghost in the face every day, and it's the only way I can get it to stop. Because there's no one talking about me being fake, or untalented, or any other manner of degrading bullshit.

But it doesn't completely get rid of the feeling that there maybe just might be.

I asked people who I know are successful to tell me what they know about coping with feeling like an imposter because talking to clever people is the bones of how we become cleverer ourselves.

And here's what they said:

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Maria Keenan

Breaking into Coding from a Non-Traditional Background

The notion of the “traditional” career path is dead. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that my beginnings were as a telemarketer. But, even before that, while working as a cashier, I once tried to charge an elderly woman for 184 turnips of which she only wanted one.

And I’m not alone in that. At least not in metaphor.

Chloe Condon (pictured below) is a “Developer Evangelist” and assures me that doesn’t mean she’s in a cult. She shared with me how she went from re-writing and performing the lyrics to a Frozen song, to being a programmer for Sentry. In other words, how she got into the tech industry with no experience.

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Maria Keenan

The Gift of Giving - An Event Round Up

Every December, I host a tree-trimming party. I serve chili with cornbread and lots of good wine. It's a wonderful party, and it shows how much adults like to play. - Maya Angelou

My family sees the festive season as a time to do whatever small amount of work we can for others. Mum knits those tiny hats you see on Innocent smoothie bottles (the proceeds of which go towards aiding the elderly in the winter), my sister sells books for women's shelters, and I collect food for families in need.

With that in mind (and heart) on the 1st of December, I wanted to share some of the customers we work with at Tito. Each of these groups helps communities and under-represented people by uplifting them to a point where they can represent themselves on a greater scale for the greater good:

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Annie Lowney

Tactics You Need To Use When Planning A Career Fair

Colleen Casey of Devex, a global development community, shares her tips.

There is a lot of expectation from attendees when they sign up for a career fair. They put hope and trust in you as an organiser. Job hunting is as tough as the steak that my mother “cooks” and, unfortunately, there are umpteen career fairs out there that don't make it much easier.

Attendees are packed into a stuffy venue. They queue for too long to get a leaflet from a recruiter that's too busy to talk to them but says, “here’s a free keyring.” Why should an attendee have to print out their resumé if they already paid to attend the fair? Isn’t it a tad cheeky to expect them to fork out more to do that, especially if they are unemployed? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to create a careers fair that puts its attendees needs first? 

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