Maria Keenan

There's No Such Thing As a Free Event Round-Up

I always thought the phrase "there's no such thing as a free lunch" came off as unappreciative.

I understand the sentiment that you'll always have to give to get, but I also understand that sometimes I'd be happier if I just took a step back and appreciated the sandwich.

This week, I wanted to share some of the quality events that our customers are facilitating that, without compromise, are free.

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Maria Keenan

The Business Case for Diversity & How One Conference is Making it Happen

From All Male Panels to the now infamous Google Memo to speakers boycotting events, diversity has come to the fore of the minds of those in business and events more and more in the recent past. 
And someone had to fix it. 

In the third-largest city of Finland, Tampere, a small group of 150 international representatives came together to talk about how they could improve the English-speaking business opportunities in the area in 2014.

In 2015, that quickly scaled to 800 attendees and this year it promises to be even larger. 

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Maria Keenan

How Very European! - Event Round-Up

In the villages in Europe, there are still healers who tell stories.

- Yannick Noah

Even though it's the smallest continent, Europe manages to fit a hugely diverse group of people in it. 

I wanted to take the opportunity this week to share with you three of our stand-out customers to celebrate the vibrant differences in the European events that take place around here. 

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Annie Lowney

Niche Tech Events in Regional Areas Help Create Diverse Tech Clusters

Aaron Quint, pictured above, co-founder of Catskills Conf gives his insights

Big city living is not for everyone. The rush, the noise, the lunch queues, the traffic, the crazy rent, food bills that make you weep, all of which comes together to whisper, “just keeping city living real for you, pal.”

There's a risk that only hosting tech events in large cities can contribute to a lack of tech diversity. Catering only to economically comfortable, tech-literate city dwellers isolates rural dwellers from becoming part of the tech conversation.

The main fear that prevents people from leaving the likes of New York or London is that they'll be isolated from like-minded people. But, is it possible to replicate the openness and exchange of ideas that cities provide?

Aaron Quint, co-founder of Catskills Conf, argues that it is. His approach is to attract that tech knowledge from major cities to his regional event whilst involving locals in the organisation of it.

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Maria Keenan

Who Will Market to Marketing? - Event Round-Up

This week on Tito, I wanted to feature some conferences that are particularly close to my heart and, by proxy, my career: the events that are made specifically for marketers. 

As you might have guessed from previous posts like this, we work with quite a passionate and diverse bunch of customers.

One of the joys of marketing is the experimentation of it. Our discipline is half creativity and half science, which means that we have the pleasure of constantly trying new things to find out what the best way to communicate with potential new customers is. 

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you some of the different ways that our customers are showcasing new and exciting marketing methods with their attendees:

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Annie Lowney

Trans and Non-Binary Coding Events

An interview with Naomi Ceder, Trans*Code event co-organiser

Naomi Ceder has been involved in the Python community for 16 years. Currently she serves on the board of directors of the Python Software Foundation.

The landing page of the Python Software Foundation shares the following statement:
“The mission of the Python Software Foundation is to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers.”

This is an ethos that Naomi has instilled into the event she co-founded, Trans*Code.

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Maria Keenan

Wigs, Women, and Workshops - The Event Round-Up

Wigstock was a New York-based festival for Drag Queens in the 1990s.

This was at the height of RuPaul's gender-bending music career which made way for the lyrics, "It don't matter what you wear, they're checking out your savoir-faire. And, it don't matter what you do, cause everything looks good on you, Supermodel."

Through a more apolitical exploration of gender than drag (my undying passion for RuPaul's Drag Race aside), I've spent my whole life trying to figure out what being a woman means. 

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Paul Campbell

Introducing a Series on Diversity

When Maria asked a selection of our customers what topics were important to them that we could research and write about, two topics came to the fore: sponsorship and diversity.

These two topics aren’t surprising. Both are challenging areas to get right. As a conference organiser, I’ve struggled with both of these. But they are tough in very different ways. 

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Maria Keenan

It's Really Very Simple: The Tito Event Round-Up

The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play.

- Captain Jim Kirk, Star Trek: The Original Series

As my previous efforts with the Tito blog would imply, I love words. And, as with most romances, there's a twinge of jealousy attached to my ongoing affair with language.

That is to say, I can't code. 

I find the concept of figuring out how to use CSS declarations about as easy as learning the periodic table by heart. In Basque. Backwards. And I'm on fire.

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Maria Keenan

3 Ways to See the Value of Events Even if They Didn't Help You Sell

Matthieu Gauthier is the Head of Marketing at Mention, a French HQ’d organization that aims to help those in events and beyond to monitor how their brands are perceived online.

In a previous life, he was the Territory Manager for French sales at HubSpot, so he professionally grew up with a deep appreciation of how marketing affects salespeople’s ability to close business.

With that in mind, I wanted to talk to Matthieu (pictured below) to see what the value of events can be, even if almost no one buys something after attending them.

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