New Features

Doc Parsons

Tito Lookup

With the addition of Murray to the engineering team earlier this year, and Bill also helping us out regularly, we are finally in a position to look at some of the longstanding features that have been hibernating in our development backlog.

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Peter McDonagh

Event Homepage Redesign Means an Improved User Experience

Since I started working with Tito I’ve enjoyed being part of the mission to provide the best possible user experience for both event organisers and attendees. After shipping our updated admin UI to event organisers a couple of months ago, I was really keen to apply what I’d learned to the event homepage and share that same love with your attendees.

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Paul Campbell

All The Small Things

I started back this week after a long honeymoon in New Zealand. I’ve spent my time mostly working on little things. After a big release, the temptation to chase the next big thing is high. Little things though make Tito that bit more compelling, or interesting, or simpler. A lot of the little things have been bugs, and we’ve fixed a lot of those, but some of them are screens and sections that were “good enough”, and now we want to make them better.

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