Vicky Carmichael

Google Analytics For The Events Industry: An Honest Guide

As a former event marketer, I can’t say I miss grappling with attribution, multi-channel conversion tracking, and ecommerce reports.

Event marketing is hard! Part of this is down to digital marketing being challenging generally, but much of it is due to the nature of conferences and events specifically. In this post I’m going to lay out:

  1. The reasons it’s nearly impossible to measure everything you want to measure.
  2. A step-by-step guide to integrating Tito and Google Analytics.
  3. Some of the insights you can draw from the data.

If you’re not a Tito customer, there’s still lots to be gained from this article. I’d just suggest you skip Part 2 for now. I’ve peppered some “Organiser Pro Tips” throughout the post for added takeaways. 😉

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Vicky Carmichael

Eating Our Own Dog Food: How We’re Using Tito to Run Our First Conference

In the seventies and eighties, commercials for Alpo dog food featured broadcaster Lorne Greene extolling the virtues of the product by feeding it to his own beloved pet.

While I’m disappointed he didn’t prove its deliciousness by chowing down on a spoonful of the stuff himself, the ads did inspire the phrase “dogfooding”—where an organisation uses its own product as a means of testing it in the real world.

What better way to understand your customers’ experience than by being your own customer?

We use Tito to sell tickets to all our events. This year we’ve run three editions of Úr, an informal get-together for event organisers, in Dublin, London and Berlin. Our co-founder Paul is using Tito right now for his event, Úll (a conference with a super cool concept).

And of course we’re proudly using Tito to sell tickets to Admission—our first ever conference, coming to Chicago next month. It’s a day of storytelling, facilitated by seasoned organisers in the events industry, and we can’t wait!

But back to Tito.

In this post I want to talk you through a few ways we’re using Tito for Admission, in a bid to provide a little inspiration and perhaps even some tips for your own events.

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Maria Keenan

3 Different Ways to Implement On-Page SEO for Events [Tutorial]

(If you're new to SEO and want a crash course on where we're getting all this from, you should refer to our Basic SEO for Event Pages post here.)

I recognise that, in a previous post, I waxed lyrical about on-page SEO for events, but I didn't quite go into depth about how to implement it. 

Today we'll take a few minutes to go through event page SEO tutorials for three popular platforms and all the places keywords should live for additional event visibility. 

I'll cover how to SEO-optimise a Tito event, an event page hosted on Wordpress (with or without Yoast) and how to SEO-optimise event pages hosted on the HubSpot COS.

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Vicky Carmichael

Getting Creative with the Tito Widget: Real Customer Examples

For most of our customers, Tito’s event homepage is central to their ticket selling process. But there is another way to capture registrations.

Tito makes it easy to sell tickets to your event. You simply enter the event details—title, date, location, ticket types and so on—and we generate an attractive and user-friendly event homepage for you. You can link to it from your website, or from anywhere on the internet, and get selling tickets in minutes.

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