Forget 2018, or Even 2019 – What Will Events Look Like in 2029?

Saying you can predict what’s going to happen in 10 years is, at best, sorcery, and at worst, a scam. Many outlets share their speculations about the future of our industry, but lots are bogus. That’s because there are so few people who have enough experience as to make their guesses credible.

In this article, featured on Entrepreneur, we get to meet someone who fits into that second category. Bernando Moya is the founder of the Best You Expo, Europe’s largest trade show focused on personal development.

Practicing what he preaches, he shares his predictions for what the next big shifts in the event space are going to be.

He foresees virtual events and online engagement as key issues. Thankfully for us, he then shares how these changes can be embraced.