10 ways to prevent admin tasks from draining your creative energy

Though I don’t strictly agree with all of these, we’re more than halfway through the year, and almost all of us are past our summer holidays (if we were lucky enough to get one).

Most everyone who reads this blog either runs events, or works with them in another capacity, meaning you’ve all had some exposure to the high-stakes orchestration and organisation that goes into making sure that no-one and nothing to do with the event goes on fire (literally and figuratively).

Yeah, some of that is concepting, design, ideation and fun stuff, but a lot of it is straight-up admin and menial tasks. Dropbox have put together a list of counter-measures to make sure that admin doesn’t dull your shine. It’s not strictly written for event organisers, but I’ll be damned if it’s not something they can relate to.

The first is about shoving some of those tasks into your commute, on which I call B.S. Anyone who’s ridden an 8am subway, underground, or Luas will understand. But the fifth is something I’ll begin implementing for myself the second I’m finished writing this.