2018 Events for Retailers – A Round-Up

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Retailers have been having a hard time in recent years. Not only do brick-and-mortar stores have to cope with the continuing shift to eCommerce, those who are in eCommerce have to deal with increasing competition from alike sellers, but also from behemoths of the arena like Amazon and Ebay. 

Now more than ever, it’s essential that the industry consults among its professionals to find a way to build a sustainable, successful model. Below are three events that enable that:

(Note: This post was last updated for accuracy on August 21st, 2018.)

May 2018 Gold Coast Shopify Meetup

As one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market, Shopify has a global community using the system daily to power their businesses. Because of the versatility of the platform, events and meetups are perfect vehicles for users to share their approaches to getting the most out of it.

The community is meeting up in the Gold Coast, Queensland for this installment. The offering includes opportunities for:

  • Learning what works from the top Shopify partners
  • Hearing guest talks from the Shopify team
  • Learning the first steps to getting your Shopify store live
  • Acquiring techniques, ideas and strategies for maximizing your online revenue
  • Hearing from market leading Shopify merchants and
  • Connecting with new people in the Shopify community.


shopify logo

Date: May 28th, 2018

Tickets: This event has now ended, but Shopify host events just like this one in multiple cities globally. To find a future event of theirs that may be more convenient for you, you can go here

SMART Retail 2018

As I mentioned earlier, the shift to at least giving your consumes the option to shop your products online is a survival and acceleration strategy that almost every modern business is going to have to face if they haven’t already. But what if you don’t know how to start?

SmartNI works across sectors to educate businesses and help them to become “digitally savvy.” They offer training and marketing services as well as a diverse array of events for retailers and other industries alike to fulfill this promise. 

Smart NI logo

SMART Retail 2018 will focus on recent innovations in AI, chatbots, VR, and AR that help B2C businesses to meet the demands of the industry and learn about the new approaches the industry has seen positive results from. 

Date: September 20th, 2018

Tickets: Available now for £90 +VAT

Note: Details for SMART Retail 2019 are now also available, here

Digiday Retail Forum 2018

A lot of you will be familiar with Digiday, but on the off chance you’re not, they are a digital content, advertising, and marketing organisation. 

digiday logo

They’ll be hosting over 50 events globally this year alone with the aim of connecting marketers and media professionals around the world. At the Digiday Retail Forum, among their other events for retailers, they’ll be hosting a one-day event concentrating on the demands of the modern retail customer and how brands can accomodate their needs.

This event will have a particular focus on the shift to eCommerce as discussed above, as well as strategies on how to cater for the “lightning fast” demands of consumers. 

Date: August 23rd, 2018

Tickets: $995 until July 19th.