2020 Tech Events You Should Be Looking Into (Yes, We Know It’s Early)

It takes a long time to plan a tech conference, but it takes a long time to choose which tech events to attend, too.

Conference organisers are releasing details of their events earlier and earlier these days to give attendees a better chance to plan ahead and prioritise their networking and learning opportunities ahead of time. With that in mind, we wanted to share some fresh tech events that have recently released early details for 2020 to give you an insight into what opportunities are already available and to help you get your calendar in order as early as possible.

Editor’s Note: This post was last updated on December 5th, 2019 for accuracy.

1) DATAx Singapore 2020

DATAx prides itself on being the only tech conference in Asia specifically dedicated to exploring how business and AI intersect currently, and the potential that intersection holds for the future of business.

Taking place in Singapore in 2020, over 500 leaders in the field will come together to discuss machine learning, smart cities, and the applications of AI in finance and marketing.

2020 Tech Events Innovation enterprise-1

The event will showcase 70 speakers and, going on the quality of last year’s line-up, every single one of them will be presenting riveting talks on the future of the industry. In 2019 data scientists from Netflix, Oracle, Visa, L’Oreal and Dyson were just some of the representatives that shared their insights.

Stay tuned on the summit overview site to see what 2020 has in store.

Dates: March 4th & 5th, 2020.

Location: Singapore.

Tickets: From $600 for a one-day pass.

2) Pharma Tech Ops USA

Shifting industry, but staying in the sciences and technology, we turn to Pharma Tech Ops. Widely considered as a must-attend conference for professionals in pharma, medical devices and the life sciences, Pharma Tech Ops will return in 2020 to San Diego.

This two-day conference is a wonderful networking opportunity for professionals in the field to share contemporary challenges and solutions. Over 120 delegates in total are due to attend. With an audience that’s 70% decision makers and senior influencers, the event promises to be a valuable forum for those in leadership in the pharma tech industry.

2020 Tech Events Pharma Tech Ops

The team behind Pharma Tech Ops also publishes its survey report so you know exactly what you can expect from the conference. You can find that report here.

Dates: March 5th & 6th, 2020.

Location: California, USA.

Tickets: Starting at $2,295.

3) Material 2020

Material 2020 is a one-day tech conference that will reshape the way you think about the web. The first thing you’ll notice on the conference website is a quote highlighting that it’s been 20+ years since the dawn of the internet, yet we’re only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding and implementing digitisation.

The aim of this event is to reflect on the innovations that have come from the digital age so far, and to explore the notion of the web as a material, hence the name.

2020 Tech Events Material 2020

The conference organisers describe that notion in this way:

“We have lost the apprentice / master relationship in the digital world. Spending years getting our hands dirty with an expert, learning slowly and really understanding the material rather than the framework. We need to be asking ourselves what sacrifices should we be making for the convenience of our customers rather than shortcuts for ourselves.”

Sessions from the 2017 edition of the conference are available on the conference homepage so you can explore what you can expect a little further.

Date: March 20th, 2020.

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland.

Tickets: Early Birds are now available for $179.

4) AI Assistant Summit

Whether you love or hate Alexa, Google Home, Sonos or Siri, you have to admit the technology that goes into them is pretty fascinating. In 2020, leaders in AI assistant technology will gather in San Francisco to indulge in deep conversations about the improvements and innovations within the industry.

2020 Tech Events rework

Topics from the 2019 edition were as broad as creating personality in AI assistants to natural language processing, so you can be guaranteed that the sessions this year will be just as progressive and intriguing.

Though the topic may be specific, the organisers encourage those in connected industries to attend, welcoming data scientists, developers, engineers, UX/design experts and more to the conference. 25 speakers will present on the day to over 200 leading technology experts, so you can rest assured that there’ll be something for everyone.

Dates: January 29th & 30th, 2020.

Location: California, USA.

Tickets: Early Birds are now available for $1,295.

If this option has piqued your interest, the RE•WORK calendar is packed with opportunities like this that you could take a look at in addition to this one:

  • The Austin AI Summit takes place in May in Texas. The Austin AI Summit brings together the Applied AI Summit and AI for CPG Summit. The folks at RE•WORK have also very generously offered a discount code for Tito blog readers. Simply use discount code TTE for over 20% off!
  • The London Finance AI Summit takes place in September. Consisting of a Deep Learning Summit, AI in Marketing Summit and AI in Retail and Advertising Summit, joining RE•WORK in London will aid in attendees bridging the gap between the latest technological research advancements and real-world applications in business and society.
  • Additionally, you can check out their AI tech conferences in New York and Toronto in 2020 if they’re a little closer to home for you.

5) fin:CODE 2020

100+ senior level strategists at the intersection of finance and development will come together in Frankfurt in 2020 to discuss the applications of new software and technology within the sector.

fin:CODE will provide information on the latest in agile methods, tools and leadership principals within financial industries. This will be the fourth edition of the event, building off previous successes. Described as “very insightful” by a delegate from Barclay’s and maintaining a “good network of peers” according to Morgan Stanley, you won’t be disappointed.

2020 Tech Events Fin Code

As well as standout keynotes from industry influencers, the event provides multiple networking opportunities and an AI-powered matchmaking service. Further to that a breakfast club and networking dinner will be among the highlights.

Dates: March 19th & 20th, 2020.

Location: Frankfurt, Germany.

Tickets: From €1,695 for an individual pass.

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