Admission 2018: Jessie Char

Events are wonderful places where you can experience your industry in a vibrant, multi-faceted way. 

Unfortunately, no one can attend every single one. Admission was an intimate event for conference organisers, but those that presented shared lessons that anyone who works in the events industry would benefit from hearing. 

We figured this would be the case so have a couple of exciting announcements to share with you on the subject…

Admission Videos

“We’re making a shift to video.” The World.

There’s something to be said for the written word. There’s everything that’s ever been committed to page to be said about the written word, in fact. That’s why we write this blog, but there are lots of other ways that people like to consume information. 

To share the wealth of knowledge that our attendees and team got from the stellar presentations at Admission, we’ll be releasing the talks on YouTube for all to see.

Jessie Char’s talk is available now:

And we’ll be steadily uploading the remaining presentations in the coming weeks. Like and subscribe as the kids say:



The Admission Interview Series

If you’ve never heard of Jason Snell, the tl;dr is that he knows a lot more than you or I do about Apple. I say that because he was the editor of Macworld for a good ten years and now runs Six Colours which provides daily insights into all things Apple, the wider technological landscape, and the intersection of that technology and culture.

Throughout his impressive tenure in journalism, he’s gotten quite good and getting people talking about their expertise, and what drives them in their daily lives. Jason also podcasts. A lot.

We were fortunate enough to get to work with him in this capacity at Admission. All of the speakers were more than happy to talk to him about themselves and their careers, and to give us some deeper insight into the experiences that shaped the content of their talks.

The first interview with Jessie Char is just a click away and, as with the presentations, we’ll be sharing Jason’s conversations with the remaining speakers over the next few weeks. You can subscribe here:

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And finally

Thanks again to everyone who came to Admission, and to anyone who takes the time to watch or listen to these resources. We hope you enjoy, and if you have any feedback or questions, we’d be more than happy to hear from you at