Admission Online 2: A Recap and Details About Our Next Event

Thank you.

It’s been remarkable to see how many people enjoyed our second Admission Online event. Today we wanted to share a little bit about it for those of you who couldn’t join us.

What did we learn?

At Team Tito, we learned a bunch! With each event, we’re getting invaluable feedback on Vito and learning about new ways to experiment and improve online experiences.

That aside, our speakers, Rosie, Jana, and Bailey, shared their experiences working with communities. From what communities mean today, to creating meaningful community experiences amid the Coronacrisis, to understanding community in a more concrete way, their sessions were hugely enlightening.

You can catch them all, plus music from our featured performer, musician Rhob Cunningham, in the Admission Online 2 event gallery.

What’s next?

The next edition we’ll be bringing to you is Admission Online: From Event to Show. There we’ll be examining how and why virtual events should be approached with principles of TV production in mind, rather than the typical production that goes into in-person events.

That’ll take place on May 26th.

We’ll be announcing additional speakers in the near future, but you can get a glimpse of what you can expect and registration details here.