Admission Online: A Recap & What’s Next


If you’ve been keeping track of some of the changes Team Tito’s been working on over the past number of weeks, you might have noticed that we recently ran our first fully virtual event, Admission Online, on our new platform, Vito.

What happened at Admission Online?

Glad you asked! Well, I asked, but it’s exciting to share that we’ve put together a gallery of all of the sessions and performances here so you can take a look back on them at your convenience.

The theme for our first Admission Online was embracing change, something we’ve all become intimately acquainted with. Presenting on that, we heard so many enlightening perspectives from our speakers:

What’s next?

Our next edition, Admission Online 2 will take place at 8pm (Irish time) on April 28th and it’ll be all about encouraging community. If you’re interested in registering, you can do so here.

We’ve lined up three superb speakers:

They all work tirelessly to curate delightful community experiences and will be so kind as to share their stories throughout this event. We’ve shared some snippets of what you can expect from them over on our brand new Vito Twitter account. As an extra treat, musician Rhob Cunningham will be performing between sessions. 🙌

We’d love to see you there!