All The Small Things

I started back this week after a long honeymoon in New Zealand. I’ve spent my time mostly working on little things. After a big release, the temptation to chase the next big thing is high. Little things though make Tito that bit more compelling, or interesting, or simpler. A lot of the little things have been bugs, and we’ve fixed a lot of those, but some of them are screens and sections that were “good enough”, and now we want to make them better.

Kilian already blogged last month about some of the improvements we made to the order and ticket show views. It’s definitely a start, and we mean to keep refining.

Most of the stuff I’ve worked on this week is tucked away under feature flags so that we can kick the tyres a bit. Some little details did ship though. They’re subtle, but they’re asked for so often that I thought I’d draw a bit of attention to them.

The public ticket show view now includes an “Add to Calendar” button for import into your calendar app of choice.

2014-03-14 at 13.34.png

(you can also click the date on any event to download the calendar ICS file.)

We also now include a few subtle links to encourage folks to share their attendance after they make a purchase. It’s not loud. It’s not in your face. That’s not our style. But the links are there if you need them.

2014-03-14 at 13.39.png

An app is as much a collection of small features, little details, and well-thought-out touches as it is basic functionality and big features. We’re committed to continue delivering the big updates, but we also promise to make time for the small things, the things that you don’t even notice until you need them.