The Gift of Giving – An Event Round Up

Every December, I host a tree-trimming party. I serve chili with cornbread and lots of good wine. It’s a wonderful party, and it shows how much adults like to play. – Maya Angelou

My family sees the festive season as a time to do whatever small amount of work we can for others. Mum knits those tiny hats you see on Innocent smoothie bottles (the proceeds of which go towards aiding the elderly in the winter), my sister sells books for women’s shelters, and I collect food for families in need.

With that in mind (and heart) on the 1st of December, I wanted to share some of the customers we work with at Tito. Each of these groups helps communities and under-represented people by uplifting them to a point where they can represent themselves on a greater scale for the greater good:



ngATL has a truly diverse line-up, and there are multiple reasons for that. For one, they provide the option for patrons and attendees to donate to diversity scholarships so that those who can’t afford it, can.

They also have a chill zone so that everyone who wants to (or needs to) can recharge between sessions while getting to know the other people there. This is in-keeping with the theme of one of their favourite hashtags: #YouCanSitWithUs

As well as a multitude of presentations, the first day of the event will be dedicated to a series of workshops on Angular and beyond.

The event promises to be the first of a now annual conference.

Dates: January 30th – February 2nd, 2018

Tickets: Available now.



Knowbility is a Texan non-profit that helps provide accessible IT solutions to people with disabilities.

The services they’ve delivered this year have included; bringing teams of web developers together with non-profits to teach them the talents of the trade, a 3-day training conference featuring accessibility experts, and employing people with disabilities as UX testers to make systems more accessible.

After a successful year of expansion, they’ll be hosting a board appreciation and holiday party to thank and congratulate all that helped get them.

Date: December 8th, 2017

To keep up to date with these and other inspirational event organisers, you can do so with this: