She’ll Be Right: An Australian Event Round-Up

Remember when American TV shows used to make reference to going straight through to China when a character is digging?

Or maybe just this specific Simpsons scene?

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Either way, when I was growing up (in Ireland) I thought China was across the whole bottom of the world, because I thought that it was this giant landmass that you reached no matter where you were in the northern hemisphere when you dug a straight line down.

Turns out I was wrong. Before explaining the slight problem of the Earth’s molten core, my Dad told 6 year-old me that we’d hit Australia.

Celebrated as a country where you’re forced to wear gym shorts on Christmas day because of the heat, where the glory of Fosters beer came to be, and a place nothing like its depiction in Home and Away, the world’s always been fascinated with the land down under.

To showcase some of the entertainment the country has to offer beyond Bondi beach, and calling flip flops “thongs”, please enjoy 3 of our wonderful, Aussie customers:

International Cake Show Australia

Anything with a 20cm Realistic Baby Elephant is bound to piques many people’s interest, so imagine the thrill of finding out that it’s going to be in the form of a cake.

ACADA is the Australian Cake Artists and Decorators Association. The association is a not-for-profit community association that aims to promote the Australian and Australasian cake decorating community. It was set up for cake decorators of all levels. It aims to showcase artists in the country.

The organisation hosts the International Cake Show Australia, and next year it takes place in Brisbane.

Tickets are now available and the show will involve workshops with celebrity cake and cookie artists where all equipment and materials are included in the ticket price.

As well as the aforementioned elephant, there’ll be workshops on Sphynx cats, wombats, and bunnies.

Date: May 20th, 2018.

Myriad Live 2018

In 2018, Queensland will be host to Australia’s leading innovation festival: Myriad.

The two day festival of technology will celebrate the pursuit of shared learning and the ways we use technology to improve the world.

Last year’s incarnation was enjoyed by 3,300 participants and you can view a set of highlights here:



Tickets are available now, and the organisers recommend acting quickly due to demand and because the price increases each month until May next year.

Dates: May 16th-18th, 2018.

Levels 2018

A conference for junior developers and beyond, Levels is a tech conference focused on the creativity and invention of the industry.

The organisers have previously been involved in the orchestration of meetups and workshops, but this will be their inaugural, full-blown conference.

Their “? Faith!” tickets are on sale right now. They’re specifically for those who believe in the what the event stands for, and who are happy to get the lowest price before speakers are announced.

Date: To be confirmed, but Mid 2018.

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