Admission 2018: Bryony Gomez-Palacio

When I first had a chance to get to know Bryony, I noticed a couple of things. 

One, she gets straight to the point. Two, anything she does, she does meticulously. 

In case you have yet to be acquainted with Bryony and her work, she’s and her partner Armin run Brand New Conf, a design event that has sold out every year it’s taken place. 

In the talk below, you’ll get some idea as to why as Bryony talks us through each year of the conference, and the literal blood, sweat and concrete that go into its production:


Whether you’re on the hunt for design inspiration, a glimpse into how so small a team can tackle so Trojan an amount of effort, or simply some tips about how to get weird materials to adhere to your conference programme, you’re in for a treat.

Bryony’s interview with Jason Snell is also available on to listen to now on the Admission homepage

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