All The Small Things

It’s been a while, but we have not been idle! Here’s a rundown of the many, many small updates we’ve pushed over the past 5 weeks:

  • PayPal Refunds. PayPal disallows API-based refunds after 60 days. Who knows why? Then again, who really knows why PayPal do anything. In any case, Tito is now much more explicit and helpful when a refund is no longer possible.
  • The “No results” message for empty searches was duplicating. Sadness levels of all empty searches have been halved by only displaying the message once.
  • 60% of all errors that look like this “[Tito/production] CSV::MalformedCSVError – Illegal quoting in line 2.” no longer happen. We can only assume that somebody was trying to import passages from distasteful books.
  • Fixed an issue in the web-based checkin app that was causing it to crash in certain circumstances. For about the millionth time.
  • The beta “Waiting List” feature didn’t work with the Tito button. Clicking “Join Waiting List” would leave you waiting quite a while and nothing would happen. Now when you click it, the cool 3d effect happens to open a modal within a modal. Whhhhooooaaaa!
  • A rake of really tiny bugs that most people won’t ever notice, but helps us sleep better at night.
  • Added the ability to choose a custom background colour for event homepages. In general, we’re much more on board with customisability of Tito pages and we have some cool things coming, but this one has been requested so many times, it just makes sense. Let the interior decorator in you out, and go wild!
  • Another rake of bug fixes featuring fixes to things like slugs, refund processing errors, caching, link icons and browser overlay errors.
  • You can no longer reduce the quantity of a ticket below the number that has been sold / issued. Because that would be silly. It was silly. Tito is now that little bit less silly. But only a little bit.
  • Fixed a bug in the Message compose window that was preventing a Mozilla employee from sending a message using Firefox. Morto! Scarlet!
  • Disabled opening a new window in a mobile window. This was preventing orders within mobile browsers embedded within, say, Twitter for iOS or something. A real pain.
  • Added the ability to customize the pre-filled message when posting to Twitter. Now you can make the language match your audience. Bae. Right? That’s a thing?
  • Added a slew of options to tickets to set requirements for name, email, company name and VAT number. Disabling all requirements means allowing for super efficient checkout, particularly for things like a concert, where you don’t necessarily need everyone’s name.
  • Added a “Test Webhook” link to the webhooks screen. How anyone ever implemented anything with Tito’s webhook implementation before this is beyond me!
  • Fix to the overlay with a bug that caused an infinite spinner if you pressed “Continue” rather than “Apply” after adding a discount. Asynchronous JavaScript events. How does anyone even?
  • Emoji support! ?????????☀️???????⛵️?????????????????? … you can now use emojis in your event names, descriptions etc. Even discount codes. Try it!