More additions to the epic April bugfix spree of 2015

  • Organizers can now update the billing address / company name of orders right from the Tito admin (this isn’t really a bug, but it bugged a lot of people, so we’re taking credit internally for it as a feature, but listing it here as a bugfix.)
  • A bug with the textarea autogrow plugin we use would cause textareas to grow to twice their expected height to comedic and clown-levels of annoyance. Fixed now.
  • Fixed some missing data in beta API, and added a ticket show endpoint. This is not the API you are looking for. It doesn’t exist yet.
  • User team Role no longer sees event revenue figures or reports
  • When processing a refund, instead of processing immediately when the Process button is hit, a confirmation step now appears, verifying how much to refund. We thought we did refunding well, but after some discussions with some customers, we have a lot of work to do on refunds. Panic and stress are the last things you want to feel when you are processing a refund. Apparently somebody once refunded 8 tickets by accident. We can do better. We will do better.

See you next time, folks!