The March of post-new-UI fixes and updates continues (in April)

  • We had some favicon issues. It wasn’t personal, but the Rails asset pipeline really didn’t want anyone to see the favicons. We’ve done a deal with Fastly, the asset pipeline, and what seems like infinity different sizes of Apple Touch icons, and it seems like everyone is happy now.
  • Since we don’t have an officially announced API, we definitely didn’t add some missing attributes to the registrations and tickets endpoints, and we couldn’t possibly have added an endpoint for individual tickets.
  • Because the API doesn’t exist, there’s no possible rational way that we included refunds in the registrations endpoint, because there was no registrations endpoint in the first place.
  • Our API is the best of all possible Tito APIs, whether it exists or not.
  • The tracker item with this description If you void a ticket, and then choose to refund it, the refund form should be pre-selected to do a partial refund, and it should be the value of the ticket just refunded, and the confirm dialogue should _not_ ask to void the ticket that's just been voided. was fixed.
  • Our on-boarding was a little over-zealous when on-boarding people who had been invited to an existing account. No longer will they be asked to start from scratch.
  • Speaking of purely-metaphysical features, if we had a pay-by-invoice feature, the option to not include a PO number field would now be available.
  • A bug in Reports was double-reporting Tito fees since our upgrade to use Stripe’s application_fee feature. Stripe reports the application_fee as part of all of the fees in a payment, and we were reporting those fees as well as our own. This has now been fixed.
  • Some progress has been made on being able to customize the emails that Tito sends. Watch this space.