Changelog: Winter is coming

We continue to work feverishly behind the scenes on the next version of Tito but in the meantime here are some pulls, tugs and tweaks to our existing app:

  • ⚙️ Added the maximum upload limit for file type questions (tl;dr it’s 5MB)
  • ⚙️ Added a link to our privacy policy from our event homepages on the advice of the W3C Advisory Board (?)
  • ⚙️ Added title attributes to the input fields on the event homepage for accessibility and on the advice of the W3C Advisory Board (double ?)
  • ⚙️ Made some changes to the language and arrangement of invoices and receipts based on regional requirements
  • ? Fixed an issue with discount codes on donation type tickets
  • ✨ Broke out docs into a separate app and added algolia search
  • ⚙️ Updated the Stripe country list in Payment Options to reflect the latest beta statuses
  • ⚙️ Added an option to allow the assigning of unassigned tickets when tickets are locked by the organiser (private beta feature)


  • Added a section to the docs about the mystical world of Open Graph data used when sharing links on various platforms