Must-Attend Code Conferences: Back to BASICs

I didn’t just want to use this as an excuse to squeeze as many programming puns in as possible. I swear.

That said… you better wake up and smell the Java.

Code conferences are where some of the most creative business deals and development plans find their roots, and finding the right ones to go to can be a challenge.

Perhaps you even want to speak at one, but you haven’t got much experience. Are you a diamond in the rough? Or perhaps a Ruby, or a Perl? Attending conferences regularly is a great way to take stock of different presentation styles that can inform your own delivery, whether that comes on an event stage or in an investor meeting.

If you don’t get some real-world experience, you’re liable to get a C++ from the crowd. But Go ahead, give it a Bash.

Okay, enough of that.

Here are three choice code conferences, events and meet-ups that we work with here at Tito for your consideration, awe, and ticket purchasing needs:


BrooklynJS #53


Admission is $15 and comes with a custom commemorative laser engraved token of the event, which can optionally be redeemed for a craft beer, wine, or soda.

This is a meet-up for New York-based JavaScript developers. Hosted in 61 Local, there’ll be five 15 minute speeches, and local craft beer on offer. All proceeds go to ScriptEd, an organisation that equips students in under-resourced schools with coding skills, to boot.

Date: March 15th at 7pm

Typelevel Summit

Whilst many of the Typelevel projects use somewhat “advanced” Scala, they are a lot more approachable than many people think, and a major part of Typelevel’s mission is to make the ideas they embody much more widely accessible.

This is the sixth Typelevel Summit and, as in previous years, these developers will be lighting up Berlin as their city of choice to host it. 


As with Brooklyn JS, this is a community event focused on enablement and inclusion. The Summit will focus on Scala, and their call for speakers is currently open. 

Date: May 18th, 2018


Forward JS Ottowa

The first Forward conference had a few hundred attendees, the last conference that we ran had over a thousand attendees. They came from over 18 different coutnries, and 27 different US states.

A picture says a thousand words, so this video must say… a billion?

In any case, here’s the low-down on Forward JS:

Speakers this year will include a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, a Tech Lead from Pinterest, and multiple developers from Slack, Twitter, and IBM.

Dates: April 3rd to 6th, 2018

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