3 Developer Events to Attend in 2018

When we look at events generally, we tend to think of the same few reasons as to why we go to them. We either want to make new connections, learn new things, or buy/sell things. 

For every niche within the events space, though, attendees and organisers have specific ambitions. If we just look at Hackathons, we see some proof of this:


Image Source: Stack Overflow

Given how granular people’s interests in events are, I often like breaking down upcoming events for these niche audiences. The most popular of those, at least among our customers, are developer events. 

As one of the most well-catered-to demographics when it comes to events, I wanted to highlight three quality conferences for developers to try to hopefully help them choose from the vast variety on offer:

DevRelCon London 

By splitting the conference up into an unconference, a full conference day, and a day of training sessions, DevRelCon caters to multiple different interests of its developer community. 

As the name suggests, the conference will take place in London but, more specifically, in the illustrious QEII Centre in Westminister:

developer events

DevRelCon is organised by Hoopy, a developer relations and experience consultancy that works with software developers and their companies to understand and work with the community effectively. 

With a heartwarming twist, the event is not-for-profit with the option of purchasing a “Supporter” ticket which provides for entry to both the conference and unconference days, a special thank you in the conference programme, a thank you on stage, and an invitation to the speaker dinner. 

Dates: November 7th-8th, 2018.

Tickets: Available now, starting at £149 including VAT.

DevFest Atlanta 2018

Organised by GDG Atlanta and Women Techmakers Atlanta, DevFest is a community-run developer event focused on community building and learning about Google technologies. This is the 3rd installment of the one-day tech conference.

developer events 2018

The keynote will be delivered by Tara Z. Manicsic, a Developer Advocate at Progress and the Founder of Cincy Women Who Code. That said, a lot is still to be announced and the CFP doesn’t close until June 15th, so it’s recommendable to keep a close eye on their socials and website for continued updates.

Date: September 22nd, 2018.

Tickets: Early bird tickets are only $35

WorkerConf 2018

To illustrate how unique WorkerConf is, the first line on their ticket page defines the conference as “the first machine-focused developer conference in the Alps.”

The event will focus on new solutions needed for business models in the context of digitisation, specifically through Node.js, RxJS, JavaScript, Serverless, and Rust. 

developer events to attend

The line-up for the event includes presenters from Microsoft, Google, Bloomberg, Mozilla, and Oracle. For full details, you can visit their site.

Date: June 28th, 2018.

Tickets: Available for €95.

If developer events aren’t your bag, we’ve also taken a look at some meet-ups and web design events that might be more up your street.