Do You Want to Build a Webapp?

In 2015, I wrote a blog post for AWS Startups about how we use a multi-az setup on Amazon to build in redundancy for every component in the Tito stack.

Two and a half years later, our infrastructure reliability has an excellent track-record. We even have a team of three in sales and marketing. There’s still one place where we need more hands: our engineering team.

In an effort to improve our bus factor, we’re looking for a developer and a designer to join our small team.

I feel this is could be a great fit for the right person. Tito processes an average of $250k every day for hundreds of events all over the world, mostly tech conferences. We do this with one full-time engineer (? Hi Cillian!). On paper, I’m the second full-time engineer, but in practice, operations duties abound, and my time runs short. The same goes for Doc, our co-founder, who ostensibly leads design, but in practice keeps the company ticking.

Tito is not a rocket ship. We’re not a fast-paced, high growth, energetic, frenetic, shuriken-weilding, riff-slinging, bro-baiting pressure cooker (although I do love Japan, play guitar and lift weights … ?!). In all reality, we’re pretty calm. VCs aren’t excited about our numbers, but our accountants are.

We’re considering applications both in Dublin and remote. If you’re interested in joining our small team, you can find a bit more about us on our company about page, and a read the full job listings on our jobs page.