Down to Business

It’s been a while since we wrote anything on the Tito blog, but we’ve been anything but inactive. My October was basically the one thing that a conference-software developer ought to be doing other than writing conference software: going to conferences.

In the last two months, I managed to attend the conferences of several of our earliest customers. Early September I attended (and sang at) Reject.js, one of my favourite annual preludes to JSConf, in Berlin. In between, I was sad to miss CSSConf and nodecopter, both of which went down a storm at the same venue as Reject.js. JSConf really had swagger this year, in a bigger and better venue, with a fantastic lineup. I had the pleasure of playing MC alongside Brian Leroux, which helped with meeting the diverse and talented group of speakers on the Back Track. All three of Reject.js, CSSConf, and JSConf have videos online.

After Berlin, I spent a week preparing a talk for the inaugural SoCoded Conference in Hamburg. SoCoded is a conference after my own heart. Truly a local affair, each attendee was lovingly welcomed to an intimate venue, for a set of talks that spanned hand crafted desks, through javascript frameworks, all the way to my own brushes with death. Super exciting.

It was with much disappointment that I missed LXJS at the beginning of October. It was actually work on Tito that kept me at home, and I hope that when we ship the spoils of that work, the amazing team forgives my absence. I’ve gotten to meet some of the folks who put on LXJS at various points around the world, and having met them, I’m that bit sadder that I couldn’t attend. Be sure to check out the videos.

Onward then across the globe, I found myself in Portland for four days, where the team at &yet were busy weaving a narrative and creating an entire world as the backdrop to The Realtime Conference. The conference itself was unforgettable, with a cast of characters, rather than a lineup, with a story that unfolded throughout the conference, with a graphic novel, and a novel, that even had an audiobook. All the Realtime talk videos are online, including a fantastic original song by Alana Henderson, and of course Eran Hammer’s meticulous, astonishing, delightful Realtime Food talk.

My epic conference month was wrapped up last week with the Dublin Web Summit. The polar opposite on the intimacy scale, The Summit takes epic to new heights. I did have the privilege of taking to the stage for 20 seconds before Elon Musk and the Taoiseach of Ireland (our prime minister). I emphasised on stage what a unique, special moment it was, and what an achievement it was for Paddy and his team to make it happen. Not a bad way to end the month.

We’ve also just launched the teaser for Úll, our conference in Ireland next month that we run with Tapadoo about building great products. Speaking of building great products, we’re hard at work on the next major feature release of Tito. It’s just around the corner, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.