Lego, Leadership, and Zombies – An Event Round-Up

We help events sell tickets. 

And there are as many types of events out there as there are ways to say hello, so it’s worthwhile to occassionally step back and appreciate all that our industry has to offer.

With that in mind, it’s high time we reboot the (now) weekly Tito event round-up. In posts like this, you’ll see the hand-picked, objective (and biased) best of our wonderful customers. 

As a bonus, I’ve also come up with categories:

Most Intriguing Speaker

The Industry of Things World Conference boasts Kevin Ashton as their opening keynote speaker. He invented the “Internet of Things” and intends to spend his presentation explaining what IoT actually is. 

industry of things world.png

Beyond that, the Berlin-based conference will include a visit to the BMW Motorcycles Plant and a presentation on disruptive business logic from a VP at Lego. There’ll of course also be dozens of other breakouts and keynotes, full details of which you can find on the website.

Tickets available here

Most Empowering

Own Your Expertise (organized by Write Speak Code) is a full-day of workshops for women and non-binary* coders that includes an Imposter Syndrome workshop, and intros to writing, speaking and coding, as the organizer’s name would suggest. 

write speak code.jpg

Tickets available here

Most Zombies

Zombie Electronics (organized by Bitlink) enables people to make circuits, sensor networks and input/output devices. The twist is that they’ll be used in the workshop while building gadgets to keep you safe during the zombie apocalypse. 

zombie electronics.png

Tickets available here

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