If you build it, they will come | 3 Events for Developers

Long gone are the days of building products and services just for the sake of it. 

The markets that we all operate in are rife with competitors and “next big things” which means we all have to be more strategic and helpful in what we produce. 

Events are ideal vehicles to learn from thought leaders in a variety of spaces to see what they’ve built and why, and how their projects have helped escalate their businesses and others’.

This week in our Tito round-up, we’re proud to feature three events that will showcase trade secrets all about how to build and why to build better experiences for future and current users. 

The Tolerance for Bullshit is Gone

Eric Vaughan has 17 years of sales and marketing experience under his belt in addition to his web design career, so it’s fair to assume that he’s dealt with his fair deal of bullshit. 

shopify logo

As such, he’s structured a talk around internet users’ contemporary hatred of it. This August, he’ll be presenting at Shopify’s San Francisco office on how people’s attention spans are shortening, leading them to reduce the the amount of content they’re willing to consume from companies. With this, he’ll be providing examples of marketing teams that have successfully adapted to this trend by upping the quality of what they build in response. 

Early RSVPs are also lucky enough to receive a free website audit from Eric’s company, One Eleven Website Design.

Date: August 9th, 2018.

Tickets: Free, and available now

Design It, Build It

It’s nice to spend a day in Edinburgh even when there’s not a special occasion to attend. The city is a spectacular marriage of old and new, and within it are some of the most creative and entrepreneurial individuals you could hope to spend some time with. 

Design it build it

Among them, you’ll find a multitude of talented designers, and you’ll be lucky enough to find a bunch all in the one place this November. 

Design It, Build It will feature presentations from eight highly experienced, inventive UX and web designers who are shaping the future of the web, including the Senior Product Designer for AirBnB.

Last year’s rendition of the conference attracted 500+ delegates from agencies, start up’s and tech giants, and you can expect more of the same in 2018.

Date: November 12th, 2018.

Tickets: Super affordable super early birds are available now

SoCraTes Day

The team behind SoCraTes Day describes the (un)conference as “a free, full-day Open Space #unconference for everyone interested in Software Crafting.”

socrates day

This year, it takes place in the Leanovate offices in Berlin. It’s quite hard to describe what will happen on the day because unconferences don’t have a set agenda. Rather, they are structured by the attendees who share what they’re interested in discussing and learning about and work alongside other people at the event to structure workshops, sessions, and exercises around those topics. 

Tickets are free, but subject to a refundable deposit.

Date: September 15, 2018

Tickets: Available now.

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