Fixing transparency issues: Terms and conditions for normal people.

GDPR is cool. 

It lets you understand what you’re getting yourself into online, it lets you cull the noise in your inbox, and it gives you a hint of reassurance that you at least have some data privacy

In this post by UX Collective (?) they showcase some exemplary cases where Ts&Cs are not only clear, but they are also a joy to read. 

For example: 

You have to be at least 13 years old (or 16 years old if you live in the EEA) to use Tumblr. We’re serious: it’s a hard rule. “But I’m, like, almost old enough!” you plead. Nope, sorry. If you’re younger than 13 (or 16 if you live in the EEA), don’t use Tumblr. Ask your parents for a Playstation 4, or try books.

And they use a Beauty and the Beast gif for extra credit:

terms and conditions for normal people