New-Age Nick Cage Networking: A Futuristic Event Round-Up

Art is the juxtaposition of a lot of things that seem unrelated by add up to something recognizable. – Pat Metheny

We’ve written just over four months’ worth of event round-ups this year on everything from zombies to first dates. But, now as I write our last for 2017, we look to the future. 

In 2018 and beyond, our robot overlords are closer than ever, but so too is the bright side of technological advancements, and those who bring them to a deserving stage. With that, here’s a particularly futuristic event round-up: 

Katapult Future Fest

“This is not your typical conference” is a tagline that a lot of events turn to in a bid to show that they, and they alone, are inventors in the industry. Only, Katapult goes one step further; the team elaborate on the quirks that keep the attendees coming back for more surprises.


Next year, they’ll be focusing on exponential technology, with a twist.

There’ll be hackathons, mass meditation, and yoga classes to boot. You can keep an eye on the speakers as they’re announced here, though there are already quite a few to explore right now.

Dates: May 14th – 16th, 2018

RevolutionConf 2018

Given that we’re coming to the end of 2017, many of us will take the time to reflect. But RevolutionConf has its eyes firmly set on the future.

Speakers for the conference will present on everything revolutionary from Nicholas Cage worshipping tools to applying the lessons of Dr. Seuss to your code.

With the aim of uniting professionals in the industry, the conference is software-agnostic, so anything goes.

Tickets are available now, and you can get a glimpse into what to expect through one of their previous panels here.

Dates: May 17th & 18th, 2018

Wolves Summit 2018

We’ve looked at the different ways that networking provides challenges and opportunities before.

But, what sets Wolves Summit apart is how much they reduce the stress of this part of the conference experience.

The bread and butter of what the summit has to offer is its selection of lectures and highly-anticipated pitch-off; The Great Pitch.

wolves summit.png

But, before this even starts, Wolves Summit helps to set up 1:1 meetings between attendees and investors, or other folks that are a good fit for their business needs. There are even more opportunities to meet a professional soul mate because the team also provides an official networking party alongside day-time activities, making the opportunities are limitless.

The event is best suited to start ups and scale ups. Tickets are available now and you can find further info on their website.

Dates: April 10th & 11th, 2018.