Futuristic Events – A Round-Up

A lot of the time, when we try to predict the future, we get it wrong. 

I came across this collection of postcards from Public Domain Review recently that depicted what people in the 19th Century thought everyday life would look like in the year 2000. They made me think about what we see as emerging and disruptive changes that are in the pipeline for 2018 and beyond.

I turned to our customers and found some futuristic events that showcase and discuss what will cause change in our work and home lives in coming years, and how realistic those updates are:

Futureland 2018

Futuristic events

The tagline says it all for this event:

Where business innovators meet and explore emerging technologies.

To break that down a little, the topics for discussion over the two-day event include blockchain, immersive technologies (think VR, AR, and mixed reality), and AI.

This event is hosted by Talent Garden. Founded in 2011, they provide co-working spaces for professionals in the tech, digital, and creative industries. 

Where? Milan, Italy.

When? November 15th-16th, 2018.

Tickets? Certainly. You can find them here

Tearsheet Forum: Future of Payments

Futuristic event

Digiday are the authorities on futuristic B2C environments. They’ve previously hosted an event on the Future of TV, and will be hosting a Retail Forum and a GDPR summit later in the year. 

Tearsheet is a member of the Digiday family and provides insight into how retailers and financial services deal with new consumer realities. 

This event deals with the future of payments, as its name would suggest, and will feature discussions about digital wallets (like Apple Wallet and Venmo) and point-of-sale systems. 

Where? New York, New York.

When? September, 2018

Tickets? Got you covered

The Future of Finance Summit

Futuristic events tito

With a focus on “the great innovations in the world of finance,” the Future of Finance Summit will be a place to think about and discuss how digital transformation is affecting the worlds of banking and payments on a more B2B level.

Between presentations on the intersection of emerging platforms and traditional financial institutions, digital-only banks, and new payment methods, there’s a lot to take in. 

Hosted by The Asian Banker, the summit will also feature tracks about China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and cybersecurity.

Where? Beijing, China.

When? May 23rd-25th, 2018.

Tickets? Get ’em while they’re hot

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