“Help! someone has pointed out my conference has diversity issues! How do I fix this?”

Ada Rose Cannon is a developer advocate at Samsung. She’s also co-chair of the W3C Immersive Web Working Group. Adding another string to that ever-expanding bow, Ada’s taken the time to share solid advice as to how change can and should begin when it comes to conference diversity issues.

In this post on Medium, Ada highlights key concerns like these:

  • Pay people who help you with your conference diversity — if you value diversity, you should value the work that goes into promoting it.
  • Diversity and inclusion aren’t just relevant when it comes to speakers — how are you addressing diversity in your organising team, volunteers and participants?
  • Developing a diversity and inclusion policy that dictates the standards your team requires to get involved with a conference is something that can help steer your efforts proactively and continuously.

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