Indigenous Company Creates Job

Hot on the heels of headquartering in Ireland, a mere two years later Irish online ticket sales company Tito has created one job.

In a major coup for the incumbent government weeks before a general election, and after news of job creation elsewhere in the country, campaigning ministers have breathed a sigh of relief at the news that one more individual in Dublin has secured a job.

Tito are currently taking full advantage of all the benefits that last year’s budget brought for being an indigenous company in Ireland. Tito is also engaged in a regular monthly system, unfamiliar in many tech circles, but known simply as “paying tax”.

The local business development agencies who have supported Tito to date issued the following statement on the job creation:

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Founder, Paul Campbell, commented: “This is a very exciting time.”

It was unclear whether he was talking about the business or his wife’s pregnancy.

Seriously though, welcome Karl, who’ll be heading up sales and marketing. That was a LinkedIn link, naturally.