3 Inspiring Events Celebrating Women this Spring – A Round-Up

“Well, I guess you don’t know everything about women yet.”

– Princess Leia

International Women’s Day takes place on March 8th every year.

(Admittedly, that’s a month away, but there are some events below that simply should have pride of place and take place in advance of that date.)

A brief history

  • International Women’s Day started in the US in 1909 to mark a protest for better working conditions for women the previous year.
  • The above was organised by a the US Socialist Party and, taking their nod from that, The Socialist International, including 17 countries, approved a Women’s Day unanimously with a view to using it to build support for international women’s suffrage. 
  • In 1913-14, Women’s Day was marked as a day of protest by women in objection to WWI.
  • 2018 also marks the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Ireland and the UK.

With that, I’d like to take the opportunity this week to showcase some inspiring events celebrating women set to celebrate and enrich their talents:

Women in Artificial Intelligence Dinner

inspiring events for women 2.png

RE WORK is the leading global events company in AI and deep learning. 

Through summits, conferences, and other events, they bring together the brightest minds in the field both from commercial and acadmic backgrounds. 

The dinner highlighted here is set to be an evening of discussions and networking around the progress and application of machine intelligence. 

Date: July 11th, 2018.

Rise of the Woman Entrepreneur Conference

inspiring events for women 1.jpg

Taking place in Hotel Novotel, this conference will be attended by aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and those interested in knowing more about the hurdles of female entrepreneurship. 

Guests include the editor-in-chief of Global Women magazine and the creator of the Migrant Woman Platform.

Date: Today! Check Twitter for updates. 

Gear Up Girl Training Rides with Rapha


Image source: Isabelle Jenkins on Behance

All around the Surrey Hills, there are people with sore legs. 

Or, at least, there will be.

Rapha is a racing club designed to create a global community of like-minded, passionate road riders.

Throughout the next two months, they’ll be touring around Sydney cycling in association with the Heart Foundation Gear Up Girl initiative. Only 26% of riders in NSW are women, and the aim of this initiative is to get more women on their bikes. 

Dates: Fridays from February 9th through March 9th, 2018.

These round ups are weekly, and previous versions have covered everything from ski lifts to Irish sport. Besides inspiring events celebrating women, we’re interested in showcasing Tito users who are working to make their events a springboard for educating and uplifting their audiences.

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