New Currencies for US and European Stripe Accounts

Yesterday Stripe announced support for 139 currencies for their US and European-based accounts.

This will be huge win for any event organisers wanting to use Stripe for selling tickets on foreign shores. Based in the US? Want to sell tickets in Sterling for a London event? No problem.

Today we updated all our exiting user accounts to allow these new currencies to be used. You can set the currency of your event in Customize > Money.

Please note: if tickets are already on sale for your event, we don’t currently support changing currencies. If you’d like us to make an exception for your event, please get in touch and we’ll figure something out.

New accounts have all 139 available currencies available by default. Canadian and Australian Stripe users need to be patient for a little while longer.

We’ve given the tyres a good kicking, but as always, if you spot any issues, please let us know via