Posting new registrations to Slack

Slack is a messaging app for teams. We love it here at Tito (I’m sure many of you do too) and it forms an integral part of both our internal and external communication.

Using our webhooks, it’s super simple to post to a Slack channel whenever someone registers for your event. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1.


Jump into Slack and select “Apps & integrations” from the main menu.

Step 2.


From the App Directory, type and select “Incoming WebHooks”.

Step 3.


On the Incoming WebHooks page, select “Add configuration”.

Step 4.


Choose an existing channel, or create a new channel to post to, and click “Add Incoming WebHooks integration”.

Step 5.


Scroll down to the Integration Settings and fill in the relevant information. Here are some suggested settings:

Descriptive Label: A bot to post new Tito registrations from FriendsConf
Customize Name: FriendsConf
Customize Icon: download a Tito icon here

Click “Save Settings”, and finally click on the “Copy URL” link to copy the Webhook URL.

Step 6.


Jump into Tito, and into your event.

Step 7.


Go to Customize > Webhooks and click on “Add New Endpoint”.

Step 8.


Paste your Slack Webhook URL into the “Endpoint URL” field, and deselect all of the Included Actions, then reselect “registration.finished”, and click “Save”.

Step 9.

You’re all done! You can put your event into Test Mode (Customize > Test Mode > Enable Test Mode for the whole event) and place a registration to test the integration.