Progress, One Ticket at a Time

Progress bars are an awesome way to get a quick snapshot of how your ticket sales are going, and we’ve made extensive use of them in building Tito.

Today we pushed an update to our ticket listing page that builds on updates to our dashboard from a few weeks ago, putting our own twist on progress visualisation, and hopefully making it even easier to get an at a glance status of your ticket sales.

The gist of the new bars is that they’re subtley presented as part of the list items themselves. Basically, the bottom border IS the progress bar. We also display mini-dashboards of your tickets sold out of the total, and how many are remaining. The result is clear and complete, with the progress bars giving a sense of overall status, and the mini-dashboards giving you the real numbers when you need them.

I’ve been very happy with this update since we introduced it to the dashboard, and I’m now happy to say that we’ve replaced the old-style progress bars with these ones everywhere, and they’re so much better. A small change with a big impact.