Q&A: What The Rising Cost of Consumer Attention Means for Event Marketers

So much thought goes into events in their build up, and so much work goes into controlling all the spinning plates on the day that it can be hard for event organisers to take a second to step back and see if their attendees are actually engaging with the production they’ve created.

Aside from walking up to random guests and asking, “Having a nice time?” it can be hard to gauge what’s working and what’s not until after the event has come to a close.

I’m sharing this article today as it proposes an interesting alternative. Thales Teixeira, in conversation with Kait Shea from Event Marketer describes the Attention Quotient framework which he’s developed as part of his role at Harvard Business School. In it, he proposes that we should look to three sources (word of mouth, length of attention and quality of that attention, and impressions by third parties) to come to a more scientific solution.