Introducing a Series on Diversity

When Maria asked a selection of our customers what topics were important to them that we could research and write about, two topics came to the fore: sponsorship and diversity.

These two topics aren’t surprising. Both are challenging areas to get right. As a conference organiser, I’ve struggled with both of these. But they are tough in very different ways. 

Bringing in sponsors, showing them a great return on their sponsorship and keeping them coming back is challenging. The reward is direct: more money, which allows for more creativity, less stress and potentially more profits.

Curating a diverse line-up, marketing to a diverse group and encouraging folks from different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, abilities, and ages is also challenging. The motivation for addressing diversity might not be as immediately tangible, but it is much more important: it creates a healthier community.

We’ve spoken to some of our customers and various experts in the field to share their insights with you. The hope is that these articles will help inform the event community and empower those who want to celebrate diversity in their own work.

We’ll be opening with an interview with Naomi Ceder who curates coding events for people in the trans* and non-binary community. To be the first to know when we publish, please see the button below: