The Tito Profile Series, Volume 1, Interview 1: Marc Thiele

As our customer base grows, it is becoming very clear to us that our customers have a lot to share with each other (and everyone else) about their approach to building events, business and improving their communities.

To celebrate this and to share the fruits of any insight from these interesting folks, we’re running a short interview series of some interesting Tito customers. We have commissioned an initial run of 6 interviews by Aoife Reaper-Reynolds, and we’ll be publishing them here over the next few weeks.

The first interview is with Marc Thiele, who became a very early Tito customer a few years ago. Marc’s conference “beyond tellerrand”, has gone from strength to strength not only to achieve a solid reputation in the design community, but has become a successful business in its own right for Marc.

We’re excited about launching this profile series, and we hope that you enjoy it and find the profiles valuable.

Read Marc’s interview here