This Week on Tito: Geeks, Games and Makers

There’s been plenty of action on Tito in the past week, and lots more to come, having sold well over a thousand tickets across 70 events.

First up, our best wishes to our friends down in Waterford, who are currently enjoying all that the south of Ireland has to offer at Nodeland for Nodeconf EU. Bottoms up!

I thought it would be fun to highlight a bunch of really cool smaller events that have popped up all over the place, showing just how much cool stuff is happening. Every month, we get a couple of server-running-hot notifications every time people try to get tickets for Milton Keynes Geek Night. It’s a cool, monthly event, with top class speakers and obviously a strong attendance. Impressive stuff.

Closer to (our) home, is Derry GameCraft, a gaming hackathon up north this month. Further afield, it’s really fun to see events like Nodecopter in Lisbon (October 4th), Nodebots South (San Francisco) Bay and an open-data hackathon in Dublin. Finally for this roundup, Poland, a hot-bed of awesome these days it seems, sees a Maker Meetup in Warsaw at the end of October.

Of course, the nascent Maker/Robots community has its own conference in December: RobotsConf. Get there!

That’s it for this week!