This Week on Tito: Our Mad Hybrid Future

I’m just back from the UK, where I spent an enjoyable two days at HybridConf, a conference started by Tito Founding Customer Zach Inglis. The conference was an active effort to join the oft-disperate worlds of development and design together to “work together for a better web”. Arguments and resolution between the design side and the development side have led to many great outcomes while building Tito, so this conference was of particular interest to me. It was a successful endeavour, bringing together people from both sides of the coin in a unique way. The spirit of creativity and optimism was palpable, and it was a great template for so-called “polyglot” conferences. We’re often told that innovation happens at the intersection of design and development, and a conference to explore this is a great idea.

Happening this week in Wisconsin is Madison Ruby, a regional programming conference that over the last few years has gained a fierce reputation for its experience-led focus, and the fearless nature in which it brings the community forward. Along with a full schedule of top class talks about the latest and greatest in RubyLand, their schedule lists a farmer’s market, a yoga session, a tasting of cocktails, cheese and chocolate (swoon) and sessions promoting outreach for encouraging female developers and teaching kids to code. Oh, and it’s not too late to get a ticket.

Another really fantastic sounding event that’s happening in New York in November is Nearly Impossible. From their site “Nearly Impossible 2013 will focus on the stories of how companies have tackled their biggest hurdles and the tools we can all use to make even the biggest challenges seem more possible”. Sounds great to me, and you can sign up on their site to hear about when tickets go on sale.

In the vein of events that are clearly trying to shake things up is Junto in Philadelphia. From their site: “Let’s build a community for those that want to run profitable companies and do good.”. Very cool.

Finally, if you don’t already have a So Coded ticket, there’s currently a 24 hour sale that will nab you a free Señor Developer ticket.

Peace, love, and access credentials.

P.S. Nearly 1000 tickets were sold using Tito in the last week. Nuts!