This Week on Tito: Realtime Octo-Dancing

Over 1500 tickets were sold across nearly 80 events in the last week on Tito. Let’s see some choice cuts.

Following on from my mention last week of The Realtime Conference, the Realtime folks have launched a full-blown Realtime Week, featuring RedisConf and WebRTC Camp, all of which are technologies that we’re actively using or investigating for Tito. Exciting.

As we grow Tito, we’re eager to spread the ways that Tito can be integrated into existing sites and applications. It’s only the very, very start, but it was cool to see Bocoup go live with their Training Tracks. Using a feature that they sponsored, they’re selling bundles of tickets for a special price for front end and back end training. It’s really cool and the integration on their site is awesome.

Speaking of the front-end, the latest JSConf Family event to use Tito went live this week. Taking place October 18th–19th, JSConf Colombia aims to passionately energise the Javascript community in Colombia. Early Bird tickets are sold out, but you can put your name down at

In a super exciting development for us, GitHub put their first publically-accessible Tito event on sale this week. The Octogala is “a black-tie(ish) charity event for the San Francisco open source community”. The event aims to get techy types up and out on their feed, dressed to impress, to help raise money for YearUp, a charity to help underprivileged young adults.

Finally, we love small events just as much as conferences and galas! We’ve had a few film clubs popping up, using Tito for their attendances. I love the idea of a “bad film club”, and the Bristol Bad Film Club has their next screening of ImDB 4.5/10 rated Samurai Cop on September 18th. Troy and Abed would be proud!