The Three Birds of Ticket Sales – Event Round-Up

We at Tito are in the business of helping events sell tickets. If you’ve ever been at an event (which surely you must have) you’ll know that those that put them together are infinitely creative.

That creativity doesn’t stop at the venues they arrange or the speakers they click with. The devil is in the details, and the organizers we work with have managed to put different types of tickets to the successful test:

The Early Bird That Got the Worm

beyond tellerand Munich

At the time of writing, Early Bird tickets for beyond tellerand are sold out. And they’ve not even been on sale for a whole day.

“How” you may ask? Here’s a couple of probable reasons:

Unlike most of the events that I’ve written about previously for this series, beyond tellerand is hard for me to describe in a few sentences. But, as a previous writer for Tito once put it, it’s best described as summer camp for grown-ups all about web design.

beyond tellerand photo.png

Image Source: Julie Anne Noying

We’ve spoken with Marc before where he told us that one of the most important parts of the event is to bring a sense of child-like curiosity to the proceedings.

Astonishingly, Marc runs the whole thing on his own and still finds time to blog about his inspirations and work.

The conference’s roots are in Düsseldorf where the first iteration took place in 2011, then moving to Berlin in 2014. This will be beyond tellerand’s first year in Munich.

Dates: January 15-17 2018

The Super Early Bird

RubyConf AU

As the Marketing Manager here, you can imagine I spend a lot of my day getting familiar with trends in how events sell their tickets and, from exposure, Super Early Bird tickets are seemingly more and more in vogue.

At the time of writing, RubyConf AU only have 3 remaining. And the event isn’t until next March.


That’s not to say you should despair, because there will be several other tickets available, just none that are quite as much of a steal as that tier.

RubyConf AU is a conference that wants to further the use and adoption of the Ruby language in Australia and to support and encourage a vibrant community around the language.

Dates: March 8-9 2018

The Blind Bird

GrumpyConf 2018

This is one I hadn’t seen before. GrumpyConf’s Blind Bird tickets refer to the fact that none of the speakers for the conference have been announced yet, but you can still get a ticket.

The willingness of people to “blindly” buy into attending at this stage is testament to the promise of the event.

Organized by Chris Hartjes, with an @ as grumpy as the conference name (@grmpyprogrammer), he explains the event as such:

grmpyprogrammer tweet.png

Dates: March 22-24 2018

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