Changelog: Times They Are A-Changin’

I know I said we didn’t do much “onstage” stuff, but what I meant to say is that we didn’t do much big onstage stuff. Here’s a list of a few of the smaller things that have kept us busy since our last changelog…

  • 🐞 Fixed a receipt layout issue when hiding tax types
  • 🐞 Fixed a confusing billed/unbilled figure in the Reports section
  • 🐞 For those having issues selling ticket in Vietnamese Dong (this could have just been one very, very patient customer — thank you Rachman) the bug be gone
  • 🐞 Tablet users needing to accept lenthy terms for an event will no longer be screaming in scroll-less frustration (sorry)
  • 🐞 Broken images and video for The Dude have been patched
  • 🎉 We created a page for EU VAT advice we’ve been given by some people who know way more about VAT than us: (feel free to link to it)
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where the company name mandatory setting in the Tickets view was being ignored
  • 🎉 We’ve dropped our pricing for those on the highest 5% tier — they can now enjoy a 3% rate (see separate in-app message)
  • 🐞 Fixed some issues with emails being sent when reassigning tickets based on manual orders
  • 🎉 Event emails sent now include share links in the footer
  • 🎉 Daily digest emails should now arrive at 8am your time rather than our time
  • 🎉 Added a link to the Android Play store for our Android check-in app because I’m pretty sure nobody but us knew we had one
  • 🎉 PDF order invoices now have a paid/unpaid stamp
  • 🎉 Add functional pricing (private beta feature)
  • 🎉 Add an option to exclude the ticket list from messages sent to attendees
  • 🐞 Make it clear if a waitlist ticket can’t be offered due to the ticket having expired
  • 🎉 Include individual open stats for messages sent
  • 🎉 Let organisers limit the total number of tickets per order
  • 🐞 Various improvements to the duplicate event function
  • 🐞 A not insignificant amount of tweaks, fixes and polishings to private beta features
  • 🚀 A completely new app to handle our billing… we call it “the billing app”
  • 😞 Added manual verification of accounts to allow message sending from Tito. Because spammers.
  • 🙀 A whole bunch of updates to the API and webhooks — too numerous to list

So, we’re back to our regular *cough* posting of changelogs… did you miss us? Of course you did!